Mission Malawi – Chapter Seventeen


Two more little groups have opened up for us to minister. Sue is now sharing with the Presbyterian Youth Group and the Lord has given Andy a home group not too far from us. It’s quite something for him to go on the bike in this heat.

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Are We in the Business of Depression?

A depressed employee….a depressed business…..a depressed economy. Are these three connected in any way? They most definitely are!

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Prophetic Eclipse 2017

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Prophetic ECLIPSE, GOD awakened me from my sleep with this.

God is changing things, from the way we’ve always known him, and what we have always deemed, was the right way of doing things.

He says, “Behold, look again, for I am going to show you a new way, a more excellent way. Yes, I am going to shift your thinking to that of Heaven and you will see and understand some things you have not understood or fully understood. I am going to show you what is right, in My Righteous Eyes. I am going to teach you how to walk with the King, as a king.

“I am going to fund you and all that you do in My Kingdom, if you will totally rely on Me, as your UNLIMITED SOURCE, for UNLIMITED SUPPLY. I will open doors, that no man can deny. I…

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