The Link Related to the Post on ‘The Importance of Forgiveness’

As promised, here is the link to ‘Admissions’ the ten minute movie clip, concerning forgiveness.

I would like to mention that I’m aware that the clip covers political and religious themes, which are not necessarily my view. The real underlying issues for me were:

·         The insignificance of our earthbound belief systems, when we enter the realm of the eternity. 

·         Irrespective of our earthbound belief systems, forgiveness was paramount.

Lastly, I think this was possibly a trailer of a full movie production, which if viewed, might bring many other issues into play, but as I haven’t seen the full production. I’m not in a position to comment.

Link to ‘Admissions’:   Note: you need to set the time to 13:16 to avoid going through video material not relevant to this message.



The importance of Forgiveness

The Importance of Forgiveness

I had never understood the significance of forgiveness in my life until I underwent a very deep personal spiritual experience.

Both my mother and grandmother were absolutely insistent that I should, ‘Go right now and say you are sorry to…..’(to the person that I had offended). I suppose this process was the closest I ever got to asking for, or offering to, forgive another person and this was the case until I had reached my fortieth year. Continue reading “The importance of Forgiveness”