Bible Teaching Series

Jesus, the Man and His Works
Wallace Wattles 1860-1911
Commentary by sirpeterjamesdotcom: Below is the beginning of a series that will run weekly until the article is completed.
It is a verbatim copy of the paper written by Wallace Wattles, American author, ex Methodist minister and protagonist of the New Thought movement in America.
His thinking was far too revolutionary for turn-of –the-century America, but today in our hi-tech society, where people are starting to move away from their blinkered religious prisons and suffocating social customs; his thoughts should lead us to all look deeper into our reason for living on this earth. For all to come away from the religious and social custom herd and with deeper commitment, seek to know God and His only begotten Son, Jesus, the Christ.
Most probably, the greatest percentage of the professing modern day Jesus followers are caught up in a web of the greatest deceit in the history of the Christian religion. Yet, when His followers questioned his dialogue on the ‘times of the end’, asking Him about how they would identify those times, His first response was, “See to it that you are not deceived….”
It is said, identifying the problem is fifty per cent of its solution.
My prayer is that you will read the series and discover the real Jesus; then equipped with this powerful insight, move on to a glorious and peaceful life, here on this earth.
Never forget, peace, contentment and happiness do not come about from what is happening around us, but rather from the state of our being within us.
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Part One: A New Christ (The writing of Wallace Wattles)
This series will not be an attempt to prove something about Christ: it will be an effort to ascertain by scientific study, what He was, how He lived and what He taught. Too many people have studied Jesus from the standpoint of some preconceived notion of Him or His mission, such an attitude always leads to erroneous conclusions.
The common concept of Christ was given to the church by the priests of the dark ages, at a time when a religious ideal was wanted which would induce men to be content with slavery, and how to bow their necks to every kind of wrong and oppression: and this concept was drawn almost wholly from the poetry of Isaiah and our ideas of Him are not drawn at all from an impartial study of the History of His life.
Such passages in the prophecies as; “He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows and grief; and we hid, as it were, our faces from him; he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, as a sheep is brought before her shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth,” have been quoted to show His character, and the meekness and humbly submissive spirit with which He endured wrong and injustice: and we have held up as an ideal a man despised, friendless, poverty stricken labourer whom the upper classes regarded with scorn because of His lowly origin and station, who had no friends save fisherman, labourers ,outcasts and sinners; who was often shirtless and hungry, and who bore insults and persecution with meek submission, and walked about in a scornful world with His hands lifted up in loving benediction.
This character has been too long offered as a Christian ideal: Be meek, Be submissive; Be lamb-like or sheep-like. Bow your head before the persecutor and offer your back to the shearer. Rejoice when you are fleeced; it is for the glory of God. It is a good religion for the man with the shears.
The Christ who was held up in the old fashioned orthodox pulpit was a weak character. He is not the kind of man we would nominate for president, and his followers have very little faith in him as an organizer.
No railroad magnate of today would make him a foreman of a section; and if it were broadcast over the country overnight that the president of the United States had resigned and Jesus would be inaugurated tomorrow, 95% of the Christians there would draw their money out of the banks for fear Jesus might start a panic.
What we propose to do now is ascertain by a study of the four Gospels in the light of history whether this is the real Christ; and if not to find what the real Christ was like.
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