How Wonderfully the Lord Provides!


Today we have another inspiring article by Vivi. She shares from her heart and love of  The Lord our God.

We read in God’s Word that He wants us to ‘give and it shall be given to you’ – but sometimes, very often, we are astounded by His provision!  It often comes through a different, unexpected source. 

A few years ago, we were visited by my husband’s grandson, Pauly, who lives in Australia.  He needed a vehicle while he was over here and instead of hiring one, my husband lent him his Opel Monza.

We were shocked to hear that Pauly was hijacked!  We were incredibly grateful that he was not hurt, but the Monza was gone!  However, not long after that Pauly’s older brother also left for Australia and gave us the car he had been driving, which was the blue Toyota Corolla we are still driving!

We really felt like singing:

You are the God who is Provider, Jehovah Jireh is your Name,

God of plenty You are called El Shaddai

Jesus, we will never be the same!

He provides wonderfully, not only financially, but every day he blesses us with sunshine, shade, breezes, fresh air, even the beautiful birds in the sky!  Every night we are provided with rest to revitalise us and sometimes we are able to enjoy the moon shining too!  I love to see the rising moon glowing in the sky and later reflected in our pool!  Then I sometimes sing:

You are the God who makes the moon shine

Glowing brightly in the sky

It is so beautiful; I know You made it

You are Lord Almighty, God on High!

Most wonderfully – He is the Provider, the giver of life!  Children are a blessing from the Lord – each and every single one is unique – even identical twins are special in their own unique way!  Do not ever even think of abortion as the solution to having an unplanned baby!  God warned us in His Word not to kill – and even an unborn baby is fearfully and wonderfully designed!

Even if the pregnancy is the result of being raped and you do not want to be reminded of that incident every time you look at your child – still, don’t abort it!  There are couples who cannot have children who would want to adopt your baby!

The best way to stay away from the killing that seems to be encouraged, even legally, is  to ‘wait for your wedding’ and do not go all the way, physically, before you are married.  If you love him – he is worth waiting for!  If he loves you, you are worth waiting for!

When we think of those warning words in the Bible: ‘Thou shalt not kill’ – and ‘The sins of the father shall be visited onto the children and grand-children, to the third and fourth generation’ – they were a warning, not a curse as some think!  When you wake up in the morning and say, ‘Good morning Lord’ (as He wants us to)! Thank Him that your parents did not abort you in your mother’s womb – you are alive!  If you know of anyone who is struggling with whether or not to go ahead with an abortion, counsel them not to kill, because the Lord has designed each one of us uniquely.  Jesus told us that the thief comes to rob, kill, and destroy – He, Jesus, came to give LIFE, and that, abundantly!  He is YHWH Jireh, the Lord, our Wonderful Provider!

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