The Miracles

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This miracle I’m going to tell you about, illustrated to me how amazingly God is outside time as we know it!  He was compassionate and merciful in revealing to my husband and I, we had a neighbor who needed prayer and care, which included being driven to do shopping, when he could no longer drive.

The neighbour attracted my attention by showing me what a healing God had done over sixty years ago!

At last I am putting pen to paper about the other wonderful miracle I saw take place in 2002.

It was the first time I ever met James Withers and he told me, much later, he had been healed of an ear mastoid before he joined the Air force during the Second World War!

The healing took place in the early nineteen-forties.  Yet I saw it sixty years later in the early two thousands!  However, we know that God is outside time and who are we to question how He does things?

While I was working at the Woodshop in Village Mall at the end of 2001, just after turning 60, I noticed an elderly man sitting on a bench outside the shop’s window. It was here, where people sometimes waited for one another to complete their shopping – or for a lift.Old Man Sitting on a Bench

After I had finished dealing with the customers and the shop was empty, I saw him, still sitting there, covering his ear with a cloth.  He had been there for quite a while, looking sad and lonely, so I walked out of the shop to see if I could be of assistance.

When I asked, he didn’t reply; he just moved his hand away from his ear so that I could see behind his ear – and I was horrified!  It was open and raw as if it had just been cut – I could see inside as if he had got up in the middle of an operation!  I didn’t know what had happened, but my first reaction was to pray for him and I asked him:

“May I pray for you?”  Again, he didn’t answer, just looked at me as if to say, ‘Well, what do you think?’  So I put my hand on his neck and prayed that God in His mercy would touch this body and heal him in the name of the Lord Jesus.  The Lord tells us in His Word to go in His Name and if we lay hands on the sick, they will recover.

People had walked into the shop, so I told him I’d come back and I went to attend to the customers; when I looked up again, he had gone!  His lift must have arrived I thought.

A few weeks later, in the same shopping mall, I was about to walk up the stairs to the next floor when the doors of the nearby lift opened; changing direction, I walked into the lift.  Others were also coming into the lift and I noticed an elderly man, about to walk up the stairs – so I said to him, “Wouldn’t you like a ride up, instead?”

He walked into the lift and as we rode up he said: “You’ve helped me before.” Suddenly I realized he was the man who had been sitting outside the Woodshop with the hole behind his ear!  I leaned forward to look behind his ear and it was absolutely normal!  I exclaimed: “Wow! God has really healed you!”

Whenever I saw him in the supermarket after that, I always encouraged him with a verse of scripture and said how perfectly the Lord had healed him.

One day, I was working in the garden and I saw a blue car on the road below, about to enter the driveway across the road – surprisingly, it was the same man!

He was a neighbour, who lived on the road below all this time and neither of us realized it!  He waved and very soon came over to the front gate above the house with his Bible, which he offered me. I said, no, he must read it. Pointing to his head, he said that it was ‘up here’. I accepted the Bible, because he explained, he was no longer able to read.

From that time my husband and I visited him often, becoming particularly good friends.

One day he fell while pushing his trolley in the supermarket parking lot and was taken to hospital. His domestic worker phoned us and we visited him in hospital, where we prayed for his healing. Once more the Lord performed a miracle.  From intensive care, at his age, he came home amazingly well!  This was about 2003.

After that, my husband took him ‘pensioner shopping’ every Tuesday – and popped over to visit him three or four times a week.  I joined them sometimes, over weekends.

This morning we were discussing ‘putting pen to paper’ regarding the goodness of God, because so many people are confused and think God is just waiting to punish them!  If only they would read about all the acts of kindness, healing and words of encouragement spoken by the Lord Jesus when He walked this earth among His creation. He revealed the love of our Father God wherever He went.

My husband and I talked about how brilliantly God had introduced us to James in order for us to befriend him during the last years of his life. God allowed us to be of assistance to James when he could no longer drive.

Looking back, we were unaware who lived on the other side of the road (further down the hill on which we live).  If James had not been seated outside the shop where I was working – and more wonderfully – if he had not been there for quite a while, holding his hand over his right ear, we would never have come to know him, nor helped him in his last years!

However, the Lord knew and loved him and through that miracle He performed, He brought us together to do His will in our lives and the life of James.

Praise His Wonderful Name!

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