Mission Malawi – Chapter Sixteen

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All has been quiet on the ‘wakhuba’ front. We are very tired but still blessed by our hourly watch and praying at night.

Christopher and Sally will be arriving any day now and the Lord has really had His hand on preparations for their house.

On investigating a house which was for sale, we felt it was not right for our needs. The owner was asking too much. On our way home, we saw a house which we felt, with quite a bit of work, would be ideal. We spoke to the watchman who told us the owner stayed in another area.

Within two days the owner came to see us saying that the watchman told him we visited. We explained our position and he was very interested to help us. We said we would repair and improve the place in leu of rent for a period of six months. He was quite happy and agreed. Chris sent money from S.A. and we began the work.Completed dwelling for the young men

God really only requires obedience from us and He will do all the rest. If we find ourselves in an area which does not appear ‘good’ to us, by trusting, God will make things ‘right’ in His time. For our part we need to trust and wait.

Although I knew where we stood with the Lord, I wasn’t sure about Chris, Sally, Andrew and Sue. I felt it would be better to go the route of building a wall and other security features as a safe measure. This was the bulk of the financial cost. In preparing something for others we need also to have the spiritual sensibility not to interfere with the work God intends to do in their lives, i.e. go overboard on the luxury items, thus catering too much for the flesh. However, careful consideration must be given to the level of faith of those we are helping.

The house was almost ‘ready’ (as we would like it!) on time apart from electricity. All the fittings were in but Escom had no cable to connect us. A private contractor had stock, at a price. After much perseverance, they found cable and put it up for us. Another saving of K1000.00 – thank you Lord.

Chris, Sally and family are now in the house. We praise God for their safe journey.

In the meantime, the Lord has added to our number and we now have six young disciples. Titus, Patrick, Joseph, Stephen, Peter and little Stephen.

The prayer time from 11:00am – 12:00 midday is becoming more powerful. Patrick and Stephen sell various products at the local school in order to generate funds for us. Only Joseph, at this time earns a salary from us. All the others labour around the house and in the little grocer business. None of us earn a ‘wage’ (apart from Joseph). If any have a need, they share the request with Kathy or myself and Lord willing, the need is met by His
grace. A careful discernment between ‘need’ and ‘want’ is required.

It is my ‘fear’, that in a country which was previously dominated by white rule, some might believe that we have started a small colonial haven and are using the disciples as ‘slave trade’, working them without pay. On the outside, and without careful explanation, it could appear that way.

These young men have come to us by the power of God, of this I have no doubt whatsoever. We have done nothing in our own strength to ‘recruit’ them. Our daily prayer is that no one would set foot on this property unless God Himself has expressly allowed it. They are absolutely clear as to how our situation works here and have expressed a desire to stay and be discipled in the Lords way.

Once again the Lord grants a keen power of discernment as to those who have come for the sake of the Lord, and those who have come for material gain. As I have said before, in a country as poor as Malawi, and because of the actions of some who have been before us, Malawians have become used to the ‘hand out’ policy of Christians and will try very hard to gain materially in the guise of faith.

It is so important to keep our eyes on the real reason for serving the Lord. In this place where poverty and disease are rampant, it is easy to fall in the trap of trying to alleviate the physical needs of the people. This has been a struggle for years and the situation has never improved. Aid organizations have poured millions into third world countries. Here we witness gifts from donor countries and the United Nations being sold on street corners. Huge United Nation stamped tarpaulins intended for free shelters, can be bought for US$26.00.Tarpaulin Malawi

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