A Timeless Tale – Chapter two

Why not start at the beginning of the series?

In the times of the first five books of Moses, at the beginning of the Old Testament, God made an arrangement with His people.

Instead of the severity of the punishment, suffered by Adam and Eve, for their disobedience, God arranged for people to come to His temple in Jerusalem, once a year, bringing along with them a pair of spotless (free of any blemishes) lambs, or if they could not afford these, then two pigeons would be in order. [1]

These creatures were given to the priest in the temple and he duly slaughtered them and sprinkled their blood on the altar. This ceremony then absolved the people who brought the lambs/pigeons, from their disobedience to God.

Temple of Solomon
Temple of Solomon

These ceremonies were conducted for millennia until the Roman Emperor, Titan, destroyed the temple in AD 70.

I wish to raise an important issue here. God does not beat His people into submission to His commands, but rather He coaches them to follow the instructions He gives them, because His directions will be beneficial for the people’s wellbeing. If they choose to disobey then very simply, they lose the benefits of what God has to offer, as in the Garden of Eden, for example. God’s advice all works on a cause and effect basis.

The above arrangement is critical to the understanding of how God now reintroduces the Tree of Life; and this, as a solution to the continued procreation of humans, who are suffering from the effects of the incurable disease of disobedience to God’s instructions, as initiated by Adam and Eve.

Tree of life
Tree of life

The Tree of Life process is in fact, the final solution to the ending of this incurable disease that humanity is suffering.

The Tree of Life process works like this:

The arrangement of animal sacrifice for absolving people from the effects of their disobedience became obsolete Seventy years before the temple was destroyed. The arrangement of animal sacrifice was, in any event a ‘short term solution’[2] instituted by God until the time would be right, to introduce the Tree of Life solution.

Obsolescence of one arrangement made by God necessitated a replacement arrangement made by God.

The Tree of Life Solution – Replacement of Animal Sacrifice.

In the eternal realm, there is a triune unity. There is God, His Son Jesus and finally the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said many, many times, in the Gospel recordings that He was the Son of God[3]. He alluded to the fact that He and God were one[4].

The third person was the Holy Spirit, who would come from God, in eternity, and enter humans via the channel of their spirit and coach them regarding the ways of God.

Now, God’s plan for introducing the Tree of Life process into humanity would accomplish two primary things:

  1. Absolve all humanity for their disobedience to God for the past, present and future.
  2. Equip these people to live a life where they would be able to obey God’s instructions.

However, the arrangement of the animal sacrifice for the absolution of disobedience to God’s instructions could only be replaced by a sacrifice of a superior nature. This sacrifice would absolve humankind forever, without the necessity of repeating the process every year.

The candidate chosen was Jesus, as only He measured up to the stringent qualifications required for the job.

Jesus was sinless, as he was born to a Jewish virgin, who was impregnated by the seed of the Spirit of God and not by a human donor[5]. This meant that he was not filled with the incurable disease passed down from Adam and Eve, as is the rest of humanity.

Further, He was acknowledged by John the Baptist, a prophet, as, “The Lamb of God who takes away the disobedience of humanity”. [6]

Events leading up to the crucifixion and death of Jesus are fully documented in the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament.

Crucifixion of Jesus
Crucifixion of Jesus

What we are more concerned about at this moment, is the fact that Jesus has now completed the Tree of Life process and Humankind are once again restored to the advantages of their original state, before the disobedience of Adam and Eve.

The person who believes and accepts what God accomplished though Jesus on that Cross two thousand and sixteen years ago will have the following benefits:

  1. They will have a deeper understanding of God and His holy nature; therefore they will accept and obey what God wants of their lives here on this earth.
  2. They now have the wisdom to recognize any behaviour that might draw them away from their focus on God and they have the power to reject that type of behaviour.
  3. Upon their bodily deaths, these people will have their souls and spirits placed into spirit bodies, which would live forever.

If you are a business person like me, your initial response might be, “What cost is involved in joining this club”?

Now I know that this may come as a big surprise to you, but there is no cost. Absolutely no one can buy or work for these benefits. The reason is simple – Jesus, has already paid the price and therefore its free![7]

Nothing in this life is free, unless three conditions are met:

  1. The free thing must be offered by someone.
  2. It must be received by someone else.
  3. There must be no charge. (The moment there is a charge the thing becomes a contract).

Lastly, you may ask, “What happens, when I do slip up and disobey God, do I need to go to confession”?

Yes, you do, but not the kind of confession you are probably thinking of. You simply ask God to forgive you and pull you back into focus on Him.[8]

Are you still with us? Good, let’s move onto the next chapter to see how we get to be part of all the benefits that we were talking about.

Please note: ‘A Timeless Tale’ is a series that is published bi-monthly.


[1] Leviticus 1:10,14

[2] This ‘short term’ was some 1400 years. Could be translated into ‘one day’ in God’s timing.

[3] John 14:10

[4] John10:30

[5] Luke 1:26-35

[6] John 1:29

[7] Ephesians 2:8-9

[8] 1 John 1:9

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