A Timeless Tale – Chapter One


What If?

Ancient mariners established a fix on a star, in order to navigate their way.

In order to find direction, we need to fix a starting point.

Then we make corrections, as needed, to that point as we move forward.

Go back to the beginning to get fully into the picture.

What if we accept that the words we read, in the subsequent chapters, are based on the following?

  • The first five books of ‘The Bible’, namely: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, are the breathed word of God.
  • The rest of the books in Old Testament section of The Bible are variously books of history, poetry, prophecy, romance and so on and whilst contributing to the theme of God’s salvation message, are not however the breathed word of God.
  • The first four books of The New Testament are a historical account of the life of Jesus, The Christ, and His teachings, written by four of His close followers and whilst they are reliable accounts of His life and teachings, are nonetheless, not the breathed word of God.
  • The rest of the books of The New Testament, up to the last book, are a historical account of the life of the followers of Jesus after His resurrection and their interpretations of what Jesus taught. Neither are these books, the breathed word of God.
  • The last book is The Revelation of John, his closest follower, concerning the return of Jesus, the Christ, to the earth and the structure and management of the eternal future of the soul and spirit of humans that lived on earth; it is ‘prophecy’ (the proof of prophecy being in its coming about and proving to be the breathed word of God).

If you find the above, a reasonable foundation on which to continue, then I will share with you what I have discovered about the God of the first five books of the Bible.

God is a Creator, He is no more no less and His pleasure is to join in partnership with His creation to give Himself identity and meaning on earth.

One day (truthfully, it could not have been ‘one day’ as God is not bound by day or night, dimension or geographic location) God decided to create the universe and the earth within that universe. In addition, He populated this establishment with various creatures and two humans. [1]

I am not able to tell you why God did all this, because He never told anyone why He did it, except to say that at the end of it all, seven ‘days’ later, he was pleased with what He had created and decided to take a rest. By the way, we need to note here, that the expression ‘days’, does not necessarily refer to one of the twelve hour days as we know it to be, but could be seven millennia or much more.[2]

Then God creates two people, firstly that look like Him (His Image) and that are of like character to Him (His likeness); He created them Male and female.[3] He places them in a Garden on the earth among all the other creatures He created. He also makes sure that they have food to eat, if they wish. [4]

I need to explain here that ‘Image and Likeness’ are exact characteristics of God, meaning that the two people were spirit beings even though, outwardly, they had ‘bodies’[5], they looked like God and had divine natures, just like God.

This means that they were able to connect with God on a conversational level.

In this ‘Garden of Eden’ He planted, among other things, two trees; a tree called ‘The Tree of Life and a tree called, The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil’[6] and He instructed the man to care for the Garden.

God followed up this directive to the man; saying that he could eat anything in the garden, except fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. God’s order was followed up with a warning; should the man ever ignore God’s instruction and eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, he would die. Not a physical death, but rather a spiritual death.[7]

To put it very plainly, a spiritual death would mean he would lose his image and likeness to God and would become a mortal being. To top this loss, would be the fact that he would no longer be able to communicate with God on a one-to-one basis.

Although the man and his wife were spirit beings, the fact is, spirit beings have a freedom of choice; either to obey or disobey God’s instructions.

If you compare a spiritual body, which is immortal, to that of a mortal body, which at some point physically dies, then these are some of fundamental differences between the two:

  • Mortal bodies develop from the place of infancy to death in a limited period of time.
  • Mortal bodies know hunger, pain, emotion, procreation etc.
  • Mortal bodies have to work to sustain themselves.
  • Mortal bodies are visible.
  • Spiritual bodies are none of these, except on certain occasions, the spiritual bodies can take form, almost, albeit, in an illusionary sense.
  • Spiritual bodies never die.
In his approaching Eve, the serpent used an age old, very successful technique – he did not state a fact, but simply asked a question, “Surely you won’t die”? But his question was a deceitful one. Deceit is often a fatal weapon.

The story of the decision of the Man and Woman, whom God named Adam and Eve, to disobey God, is contained in the book of Genesis[8]. But the essence is that Eve was tempted by a character called ‘The Serpent’, whom today is more commonly referred to as, Satan or the Devil. He told her that if she ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (it intrigues me that folklore says Eve took a bite from an apple…Huh?), she would become as knowledgeable as God. She acquiesced, and then offered the fruit to Adam. Instantly they were both cursed and died spiritually, or were transformed into mortals.

Among the effects of the curse[9] was being driven out of the Garden of Eden. God had to do this, so that Adam might not be tempted to now eat the fruit of The Tree of Life, which stood alongside The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. God was reserving the fruit of The Tree of Life for a much later time in history and we will discuss this wonderful point in a further chapter.

To make absolutely certain that Adam would not attempt to go back into the Garden and eat of this fruit as well, God set an Angel with a flaming sword to protect the fruit.[10]

But, being taken out of the Garden, was only the tip of the iceberg as far as the curse was concerned, there was more to come.

Adam and Eve were now mortals and had lost their image and likeness to God.

Loss of image is simply no longer being spirit beings – instead they were the beginning of the human race, doomed to sickness, suffering, pain, poverty, violence and ultimately death, within a comparatively short period of time.

The Curse on Adam and Eve meant they were cast out of paradise and could no longer fellowship, one-on-one with God. Furthermore, they would pass their condition on to all their offspring, who would become the human race.

Worse still, the loss of likeness would mean they no longer had God’s divine mind. They would not be able to behave, as God would have them behave, they would not have a conscience, which would tell them when they had behaved immorally toward others. They would become slaves to their own lustful desires; they would be totally self reliant, selfish, boastful, proud. Their focus would be on what they could gain for their own lives, here on this earth, at whatever cost. This was the birth of the mindset, ‘wiffim’, or ‘what’s in it for me’?

Careful thought will soon tell you that this situation left Adam and Eve, where they no longer could live the way God wanted of them, even if they tried to do so.

In other words they had lost the free will that they enjoyed when they were spiritual beings.

In a nutshell they were unable to change their state (which only the fruit from The Tree of Life could give them) for as long as they lived.[11]

An equivalent of this condition in modern day life is like having an incurable disease.

The final nail in their coffin was that if Adam and Eve could have contained this state in their own generation, that would have been one thing….but the terrible part was that they would pass their incurable disease to their offspring, by blood transfer.

This cursed situation has been passed down through each generation of humanity until this day.

With these credentials, do you think that after the death of our bodies, our souls and spirits will make immigration approval to a new and better existence?

Now, next week, carry on to chapter two and you will see the start of the process of change from this condition and you will get more detail on the immigration procedure, as well.

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