Mission Malawi – Chapter Fourteen

‘Mission Malawi’ is a series, printed from the Journal of Brother Ray, His family and a team of missionaries. Why not start from the beginning of their journey – you will be truly inspired.

19. 08. 95
We have made an official statement at the Police station. We were asked if we had used our car to report the theft. I repeated that our tyres and rims were stolen and the Combi was at home.

They were enquiring because they had no vehicle in which to come and investigate the crime. They wondered if we could give them a lift to the scene. Some weeks later we went to enquire how investigations were going. We were told blankly that because we were not insured, they would not be able to help us. They said if we had been insured then they could have written a
letter to the insurance company for us to claim for new tyres, but as were weren’t, there was nothing else they could do!

29. 08. 95
We have decided to have a ‘night watch’ of one and a half hours. We will do this in pairs throughout the night. Not only watching but using the time to pray together. We are already being blessed by the Lord. We have been shown that this is not just a ‘watch’ but a time to spend with the Lord away from all our other activities.Nightwatch

Anger is not far from my heart when I try to understand why it is that we came here to do God’s work and He allowed the wheels to be stolen. However, as the days have passed I feel in my heart the Lord beginning to show me why this had to happen.
“I want you to see how much focus you put on the Combi” said the Lord. “You see the Combi as your security instead of seeing ME as your security”…. This is a tough word but I understand what my Father is teaching me. I accept what He is saying and immediately His peace begins to return.

It has been a hard lesson to learn in the natural. It’s amazing to see how quickly we get side tracked away from the Lord and how the ‘activities’ of the day take our eyes off the Lord. He needed to remind us and this was the method He used. There is nothing more important than our relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Family Return….

“….Kathy and the children arrived back and I was so happy to see them. They were really worried that I would not be at the airport to meet them, because of there being no tyres for the Combi.

Combi wheels are not that easy to come by deep in Africa. They are a special rim with 6 holes instead of the normal four holes. Would we have to wait to somehow get wheels from South Africa?

A man we had met previously in town told me he knew of a car breaker company in Old Town that had old car bodies for sale. We decided to take a walk to him today and see what vehicle bodies he had. After introducing ourselves to him we explained why we had walked to meet him. He immediately had a big grin on his face and explained that miraculously he had a 1963 Combi body with wheels sitting at the back of his yard. It had been sitting there for over 10 years!VW_kombi_Wheels

We were able to buy the four rims with reconditioned tyres and take them home just in time to go to the airport to fetch Kathy and the children – thank you Lord!

At the airport the Lord undertook for us again and I was permitted by the customs people to go and meet the family as they got off the plane. One of the customs men opened his heart to me when he heard what my ‘job’ was. I was able to share a great amount about how seriously the Lord views divorce and re-marriage. It was a wonderful time of ministry.

As I met Kathy and the kids I realised how much I truly loved each one of them. How precious they are to me. It’s true, these children, each one, is an incredible blessing from the Lord. Thank you for them Father. It becomes harder and harder for me each time we part, brief as it might be.

Last night, as Patrick (one of the precious souls the Lord has given us to train up in His ways), watched after myself; a figure drew right up to the lounge window and peered in – moving from there over to the Combi to see what he could find.

Patrick quietly went through to wake Titus. They watched the thief briefly, then screamed the standard Malawian alarm, “Wakhuba!!”. The thief picked up a brick and threw it towards the house. It crashed through the front door glass showering Titus with glass. We thank the Lord it didn’t hit anyone. The thief made off into the darkness.

no waterWhat a welcome back for the family! A dark shadow of doubt falls over me as I allow myself to be led down a path of negative thoughts. Is it safe for them to be here? What if something happens to them? Would you ever forgive yourself? How many people have told you to leave this work – imagine what they would say if something bad happened to one of them?
Water has also become a problem because of the previous year’s drought. The water is turned off for most of the day. How will this affect washing the kids clothes, not to mention the new baby’s nappies?

The washing machine and deep freeze which we were blessed with in Zimbabwe, have been impounded by customs and excise. They are demanding a duty of K5000.00 !

This was all the news Kathy had returned to. I was worried that as much as I wanted things to be ‘normal’ for her – the worse things seem to be getting. Only the Lord knew and we needed to keep our eyes on Him.

“…time withe Master…” is an on-going series of teachings, about lifestyle in the Church and is published bi-monthly.
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