The Divine Romance – Part Three

In Part One and Two we saw that according to Jewish custom in the time of Jesus, a Father had chosen a bride for his son. The parents had agreed a contract, and the son had to build their wedding chamber at his father’s house. The Bride was not aware when her Bridegroom would return for her. While waiting for her Bridegroom, the bride would ready herself in anticipation of his arrival. She would burn a lamp in case he came at night. Eventually, without warning he would arrive and take her away to the marriage chamber. We saw that those who are born of water and born of the spirit are the Bride of Christ and need to ready themselves for His coming to collect them. In the parable of the 10 virgins, we saw that the virgins represented the Church. Five of them ran out of oil and were not ready when Jesus came to collect them….

 The Day and the Hour

Disciples of Jesus do not know the hour nor the day of the return of Jesus, but they know of the times and seasons. They can see today that we are surely living on the knife-edge of time. The world is witnessing an astounding fulfilment of biblical prophecy in this age, including the climax of the antichrist reign in the form of the one world government or new world order.

Witness the steady removal of cash transactions in our society and control of information and power into the hands of a few select people. We all see this and know Jesus spoke of these times.

Stolen Away!

Jesus will soon steal his bride away. Paul talks about this event, saying that it will happen “in the twinkling of an eye”. This event is commonly known as the rapture (translated from the Latin – Raptiere , meaning caught up).

As we look at the scripture, we see that the bridegroom shouts and we will be drawn up to meet Him in the clouds. In other words, His bride must be dressed in her wedding garment complete with lighted lamp and ready to go.

Preparing Herself

How does the bride become ready? The scripture says she makes herself ready.

Paul says she must not be sleeping, but awake. He says she must also be watching. Finally, she must be sober (not practicing sin).

The bride is with Jesus for seven days. During this time she will receive her rewards at the believer’s judgement and attend the marriage feast of the Lamb.

The corresponding time on earth is seven years. This will be a fearful time on earth, as God’s judgement is poured out on all those remaining on earth.


Why would God remove his bride from the holocaust on earth? It is a Godly principle – He never places the righteous under a time of judgement (see Noah and the flood, Lot at Sodom & Gomorrah). He promised that the bride would escape His wrath.

Over the years there have been many speculations about the Rapture, Second Coming of Jesus and the end of the world as we know it. Yet the scripture is clear, “ye know neither the day nor the hour, when the Lord shall return”.

This much we do know; God is timeless and the moment any members of the bride die, they shall be translated into eternal real-time and would be part of the rapture too. So if God were to tarry another thousand years; for those that are His bride that die along the way; they will be part of the rapture!

Even if you cannot accept the theology or interpretation of scripture in this discourse, we urge you to go to God and ask Him to reveal the truth to you and just as Jesus has done with His disciples over more than two millennia, He will take you aside and explain to you personally.

Whatever you do, DO NOT pass this message off as ‘Just another one of those end-time hypes to stir the Church up’. Rather, earnestly seek God for His personal revelation to you.

 From: “…time with the Master…”

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