Mission Malawi – Chapter Twelve

Back again

Kathy, I and the family (increasing again by the way!!), have finally arrived back in Malawi after being away for 4 months.

We returned to find our precious brother Jacob Arthur quite tired but very, very blessed. He had been kept on his toes by the various situations which were brought about to allow him to grow in his faith! This included two robberies and other testing things.

The brother who stole the bike, radio and money from us just after we left for South Africa, was forgiven and came back to work in order to repay the money he stole. He stayed for two weeks and did exactly the same thing again. As a result our little ‘grocer’ business took a real dive. However, in the Lords time things have got back to normal and most of our regular customers are back.

Why not join us at the beginning of this fascinating adventure.

Bread of Life

Miraculously, we have managed to secure a bread agency from a bakery in town. We had been let down very badly by another bakery and again had lost customers through bad service from the bakery. We prayed and asked the Lord for His will to be done. I did not want to pray for a successful bread business if God wanted us to do something else. Titus and I went into town to find some bread and we came across a new bakery who sold us bread at a cheap price, enabling us to help the residents of our area to get fresh bread daily. The Lord is allowing us to continue on this path.

On the ministry side, things are growing and we now have to turn down invitations to visit churches and villages because there are not enough of us to cope. The scripture is true when it says that the labourers are few. It’s really very sad to see how many people are crying out for teachings about the Lord and we can only help so few.

The most ironic situation is that the one group we are currently working with (over 300 people), all live on a mission run by a large denomination church and are perishing (spiritually) because of a lack of knowledge.

Physically, they do very well from all the ‘hand outs’. Friends, it’s a desperate situation that the so called ‘church’ is asleep in the light. The situation the world over is causing people to turn to the Lord in large numbers (as His word said), and those to assist them are few and far between.

Kathy is due to have our 5th child on or around the 25th July by God’s grace. We are travelling to Zim for her to have the baby. Meanwhile schooling with the others has been a bit disrupted but because of the flexibility of the system we use, they will be able to catch up. Theresa Anne begins G.C.E. ‘O’ level syllabus this year. Jacob Arthur will have to teach her as I wrote that 5 times when I was at school!!

The situation in the country seems fairly stable at this time, although prices have more than doubled in the four months we were away. The economy seems to operate on the inclusion of ‘middle men’. This is the average populous, which would be out of work if they were not able to support themselves reselling various items such as sugar, eggs, bread etc. etc. I believe it’s important for the government to keep them in operation otherwise they would have even a greater unemployment problem. It doesn’t help the end price of goods though. We still have no fixed plans on where we will move next or if this work will grow into a mission base. We continue to pray for the Lords will to be done and live day by day.

Nkhota Khota
Nkhota Khota

We were taken to visit some people who have a place at Nkhota  Khota, about 200kms North of where we stay, on Lake Malawi. Our precious friends Eric and Lesley treated us out for the day. What a wonderful blessing. We met John and Sylvia at ‘Njovu’ Rest Camp, which they have built themselves over the past 18 months and have been greatly interested with how they have built up this little camp.

We have begun to pray into a similar type of situation for ourselves. It’s very important to pray into this situation because it is something which we could easily decide to do in our ‘own strength’ and may not be what the Lord desires for us.

…time with the Master…

Mission Malawi is a bi-monthly series and concerns the missionary journey of Brother Ray, his wife, children and the faithful team of workers for The Lord.

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