Building Bridges – Part Three

In the previous parts of this series we saw that it is of prime importance for us, as believers, to make sure that the word of God can freely pass between us and all whom we have relationships with. This at any time – in season and out of season. Nothing can be of more importance than to make sure the bridges of relationship grow and are kept clear – whichever community situation we find ourselves in.

We saw in Matthew a method for keeping the bridges of relationships open and that we need to approach issues with others out of humility and God’s love. We need to find ourselves praying for others when there is a need for us to approach difficult issues that separate us.

The word ‘wealth’ in community relationships does not necessarily mean financial wealth, but can mean a number of other things such as praying for one another, encouraging one another or just being there for one another. There is a lot of wealth in community relationships. We can now see why existing bridges of relationships must remain clear and new bridges built.Prayers 4.jpg.png

We have discussed in the past that mankind was born with a sinful nature. Therefore in our natural human nature it is not possible for us to share true wealth with others in community. True wealth can only come from Christ who indwells us by His Holy Spirit.

In essence, what needs to happen is that the sinful nature in us must die before the Christ in us can shine through. To the same measure that our sinful nature has died in us, is the same measure that Christ can shine through us.

The scripture of Rom. tells us that Jesus took away our sinful nature when He died on the cross. We need to apprehend this scripture by faith because it is difficult to understand how this could have happened to us some 2,000 odd years ago!

Paul tells us that we need to ‘work out’ our salvation. Therefore we are on a journey of renewing our minds. In other words, learning how to obey God’s nature in us, rather than our sinful nature.

In reality, once our ‘old’ sinful natures begin to disappear, the more we begin to share true wealth with others – “More of you Lord, less of me”

To summarize:

  1. Our sinful natures (the way we are used to doing things outside of God’s desires) need to be put down.
  2. The more our sinful natures are put down, the more Christ can shine through us.
  3. The stronger our bridges of relationship are, the more we can share the wealth of Christ in us with those whom we come into contact.

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Prayers 4


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