Building Bridges – Part Two

In part one of this series, we saw that we are all involved in community somewhere in our lives. There can be great benefit in community situations as we discover the wealth of sharing our lives with fellow members. The flow of wealth in these groups greatly depends on the bridges of relationship……

Once we build new bridges of relationship and maintain existing relationships, sharing our experiences about the Lord with those around us, will become easier.

A new bridge is often made by one strand of cable across a chasm. Once the cable is in place, the bridge steadily begins to grow until fully completed. The relationships we make with one another are very similar. We start with small conversations and questions, steadily building our confidence with one another until there is a solid, free flowing highway of information and wealth.

In order to maintain these bridges, making sure they are always free for God’s word to pass, it may be necessary for us to become vulnerable. Vulnerable because we need to open up to others speaking truthfully about how we feel with regard to whatever issues are at hand.

Remember this simple formula for clearing and keeping bridges clear:

  • Read Matt.18: 15-17. Most bible versions say if another ‘Christian’ sins against us, but through my experience, this principle works for believers and non-believers alike.
  • We need to remember that as we approach those with whom we have some issue of offense, that it must be done from a motive of God’s love…not human love.

Human love says, “I’ll love you if you love me” – conditional love. God’s love says, “What must I do to ensure that you draw closer to God” – unconditional love. When we act out of God’s love, we act in obedience to His word first, and then we can deal with the emotional realm.

  • We should have a mind-set of praying for one another. Many times we feel that we can resolve situations by our own thinking and reasoning. In my experience this can be a sure recipe for disaster. Before approaching others to clear a bridge, spend time carefully praying and asking God for the right words to speak and to have God’s heart in the situation. Try to hear from God before proceeding.

Of prime importance for us as believers is to make sure that the word of God can freely pass between us and all whom we have relationships with. This must happen at any time – in season and out of season. Nothing can be of more importance than to make sure the bridges of relationship grow and are kept clear – whichever community situation we find ourselves in.

Do you have any bridges of relationships that need repairing in your family, marriage, church group, sports group or place of business? Ask the Lord to help you restore this bridge or bridges. Not only will you personally grow in strength, but the community you’re in will be enriched and the wealth of the group will freely pass.

To Be Continued…….

From: “…time with the Master…”

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