Mission Malawi – Chapter Four


David, Frank, Hein and I began early morning prayers this week. They have fellowship meetings Mon, Wed, and Fridays. Tonight is our first meeting and we will attempt to do the first teaching, ‘The Fall’. God has shown us clearlyYoung disciples at the mission that we are to impart the Gospel to faithful men. At this time we see David and Frank as two whom we will work closely with. I am a bit uncertain of Frank at this time, but the Lord will show us. We prayed for one of Frank’s children, a daughter, who has a very bad cough (TB?).

The Lord through David: “Rest in me, this is my battle and I will fight, you must seek me for strength and rest in me”.

Do everything without complaining, otherwise God will keep us in the wilderness.

A wonderful meeting; By the Lords grace His anointing was with us, me speaking and David interpreting. What a joy to witness the Lord at work. The people are very shy and uncertain of us. After the meeting we were asked to go to the home of one of the people to pray for his baby daughter and him as they were sick. We went and laid hands with oil.

Today one of the builders in the area, who is a Moslem, has a very sick wife. She recently had a baby and it looks like the afterbirth did not all come out and there may be infection. We went to the house and prayed for her, anointing her in the name of Jesus. (She is a believer). The Lord spoke to her telling her that she is running away from Him and must come back to Him and not fear men. She confirmed this prophecy. The Lord then spoke to the husband and said the sickness that his wife is experiencing was because he, as the spiritual head of his family and teacher, has denied Jesus. He agreed and repented.

Praise the name of the Lord! We have experienced the Lords physical healing. Frank’s child is healed. Billy, the builder has come to tell us that his wife is walking around and she is fine. He is very excited. He will now be coming to the meetings. The man from the meeting, Mr. Banda, has witnessed a healing in his baby daughter and he is much better.
Another meeting at Timothy’s house (Mbadzi); Not many in attendance but we have met a school teacher who would like us to begin the teachings at his school next Thursday night.

We spent the day looking at David’s farm in Salima. It turns out that the farm belongs to the government and is being leased by David’s brother in law. They only have 50 hectares and grow a small amount of maize and Burley tobacco. There are no buildings or electricity. We thought this was the place the Lord wanted us to settle on and work the land, but having seen it, only a miracle will provide a place there.

Building continues on the house, we have now spent K5000.00 and only have about K10000.00 left. We have 25 Building on the mission base in Area 49, Lilongwemouths to feed; David’s family, our two families, Frank’s family and Timothy’s wife. We think it will cost us about K1000.00 per month just for food. We are praying for the Lord to open up work opportunities if it is His will. “Father please provide our need”.

David reveals to me that both he and Zelifa were involved in previous relationships resulting in children being born of other parents. David fathered two other children and Zelifa one daughter by another man. After going through the complicated traditional marriage laws with David, I’m confident that these two relationships were not ‘marriage’ in the eyes of God and that his marriage to Zelifa is of God. We will continue to pray about this and hopefully hear from the Lord.

David also has outstanding debt which we are unable to pay for him. I have worked out a budget of repayment with him. He asked if he could give me his salary each month so that I will administer payments for him.

Frank has been asked to leave his dwelling by the owners but has found a place about 5kms away. I’ve told him to come each day for lunch with his family so that at least they will have one good meal a day. He must pray for provision of the other two meals. He says there is opportunity to start another group where he is. I told him that he must conduct the meeting and we will continue to teach him.

The Lord opened the door for a new fellowship last night. George, whose name was given to me by a brother in Pretoria one week before we left S.A., turns out that he is a very good friend of David’s. David told him many months ago that they would be Christians together one day. George just laughed at him – last night George began to receive the Gospel.

Sugar is very short and expensive if available. I met a lady in the bank who was going to purchase material at a shopSugar that was giving away sugar with every K30.00 purchase. She gave us her 4kgs of sugar for nothing!! Thank you Lord.

Our wives are finding conditions very harsh and difficult. This is obviously putting a great strain on our marriages. We are praying much for the Lord’s grace to be poured out on them.

God will not hear sinners, but only those that fear Him. Watch out for those that will come as wolves in sheep’s clothing, they will not spare the sheep.

Simon and Bethany have very bad stomachs. Simon had a high fever so we are having him tested for Malaria.

We went to the Capital City Baptist Church yesterday. We were well received and taken home by one of the members, Les and her husband John, for coffee. They have invited us to their prayer meeting on Tuesday nights and our wives to a ladies prayer group on Tuesday morning.

There was also an ‘Assemblies’ meeting held at our place in the afternoon. This was more a traditional way of praise and worship for the Malawian people. There is much evidence of American evangelism and praise stemming from soul power. I discern a partial spirit of ancestral worship even though these are believers. They seem to love the Lord but enjoy the ‘fame’ that is associated with big time pastors.

Building is still very slow and conditions very rough and dirty. The Long drop is of particular concern. The smell is overpowering and flies are terrible. Washing facilities are restricted; I wish we had taken more notice of how the Longdrop‘donkey v2.0’, was constructed.(The wood burning water heating system, as it was affectionately called, back at the farm in Notts.).

A type of hot water geyser made from a 44 gal. steel drum with fire as the heating source.

Mission Malawi Donkey

We have spent more than we intended and believe that the Lord will be with us to provide our need through some kind of industry. Each time we spend money on building it gives us less money to buy food with. We found some beautiful jewellery boxes which we may be able to export to R.S.A.

The land is being cleared at David’s mother’s farm for us to grow a crop of cabbage. There is a space to have about 100 broilers. We are going to buy 10 baby goats for fattening. “Lord please bless our efforts”.

Our walk with the Lord is getting deeper – like a funnel. However there are places to ‘park off’ all the way down. It is Gods desire for us to go deeper and not ‘park off’.

….time with the Master.

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