Using Keys to release the Kingdom

God works in many wonderful ways and we see evidence of this all around us. I have seen how He has allowed sicknesses to be healed, marriages to be restored and businesses to be blessed. People have been encouraged by God to start ministries or works which will benefit others; such as orphanages, hospitals, shelters and businesses.

When we hear the testimonies of how some of these organizations started, it is miraculous to say the least, all being started to further the Kingdom of God. Have you ever thought about the fact that many of these organizations started by physically unlocking a door?

If we think about how many different types of keys there are in the world today, it’s incredible. Keys open all kinds of Keys of the Kingdom 2 jpglocks – open cars, open buildings, open computers and open tools, just to name a few. People have prayed and received keys to open these things, which they now use for furthering the kingdom of God here on earth.

What keys can we use to further the Kingdom and how can they be brought to you and I in practical way?

When God first touched our hearts, our lives began to change. Rather like a compass needle, our lifestyles swung from side to side trying to settle with our new life. After a time the back and forward motions became less severe, until finally our aim and goal is definite – HIM.

It’s at that time that we receive keys to unlock the kingdom of God into various areas of our lives. These keys need to be used to unlock opportunity for God to work through us into these situations. If we are married, there should be a desire for us to first have a Godly marriage before we look to taking the Gospel out into the world. Family members are normally the next closest to us for opportunity of the Gospel. Our work places or daily lifestyles offer a great deal of openings for us to share God with others.

Not all of us are able to preach or teach, but we all have a relationship with the Lord, which we can share with others through the way we conduct ourselves – without even speaking a word.

However, what we do need is a desire to do so. If we do not have a desire to do something, we will not do it. Our actions are normally born out of desire. The keys are the desire given to us by the Lord. We can use the keys of desire to open opportunities in every area of our lives.

How can we be motivated to use these keys of opportunity?

Let’s look to the word to be encouraged. In the scriptures we see that Jesus buried our old nature – the one that causes us to miss the mark with Him. Therefore, we are no longer bound to that nature – an amazing revelation! After His death on the cross, Jesus was seated at the right hand of the Father, in heavenly places. More that this – that we were seated with Him in heavenly places in Christ Jesus – another amazing revelation! But wait, there’s more…… We have an inheritance which is undefiled and pure, reserved in heaven for us – the most amazing revelation of all !

If we have that inheritance in heaven, then surely, is that not our permanent home? Our time here on earth is temporary. We are, in effect, citizens of the kingdom of heaven. Surely then our characteristics should be of the country we represent – the Kingdom of God!

What more motivation do we need? Our permanent home is already waiting for us in heaven and so, while we spend Keys of the Kingdom 4time here on earth, we can focus on using our keys of desire to open the doors of opportunity for the Kingdom of God. With the desires given to us through Christ, we have keys to unlock doors in our lives for growing His Kingdom.

Examples of doors of opportunity waiting to be unlocked:

Marriage – us and our partner

Family – children, relatives

Business – colleagues, customers, suppliers.

 Let’s pray daily for the Lord to give us the keys of desire to open doors of opportunity in our lives.

 From: “time with the Master…”

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