Why me Lord?

“Why is this happening to me; how does a loving God allow this to happen”?

How many times do these words go through our minds when things don’t seem to be going the way we want them to?

Our walk with the Lord needs to be more real to us by allowing it to become more practical in our day to day lives. God really desires to have a close relationship with us and so designs our life plan so that we will constantly turn to Him – thus building our relationship with Him. As we seek God we get to know Him and our relationship moves from a place of knowing about Him to a place of knowing Him – a very big difference!

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Somebody can say they know about us because they’ve heard someone else talk of us. However they have never met us. If they’ve never met us they know nothing about our character or what we are like – but they know about us. Once we are introduced we find out about each other by asking questions and sharing information about each other. Therefore the relationship moves from knowing about each other to knowing each other.

Once we begin to know God, we will better understand His character and then start to understand why He allows certain things to happen to us. We may not understand everything about what is currently happening in our lives or have the answers, but we will have more peace about what is taking place. James tells us….. “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. Let’s ask God to give us wisdom (or understanding) in our current circumstance.

“What sort of a loving God would allow this to happen? …”

The answer to this question which we have asked many times is ….a God who is all knowing – all loving – and present everywhere, wants to be as a loving parent to us. He knows everything about our lives from the biggest calamity to the smallest thoughts deep in the recesses of our hearts – not only us personally, but all those we love and interact with – this is truly amazing! Even in our biggest personal tragedy, God’s plan for us is being out worked. We may not understand why God allows heartache to come to us at a certain time, but by Faith we need to know there is a purpose which will be revealed to us sooner or later.

Surely then, He is the only one qualified to plan every single detail of our lives. What should we say then…that things happen in our lives by chance or coincidence or perhaps by mistake? In times of hardship did God take a break from watching us or turn His attention to something else? Did He take His hand off our lives for a brief second? Absolutely not! Never would He leave us or forsake us – not even for a second.

Parents know how much attention their children need especially when they are small. God is the same with you and I. He watches our every move, knows every situation and sees every intention of our hearts. Nothing that you and I do or say is a surprise to God. How is this possible? Because He knew us before the foundation of time! – He knows it all – our past, present and future.

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Romans tells us … “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” – ALL Things – not SOME things….

Prayerfully seek the Lord about this scripture so He can help you in your time of hardship. We may not receive answers according to how we would like them, but we will have peace that God is in control. He is allowing the situation to help our faith in Him grow stronger. This is one of our purposes on this earth…to get to know Him….stay in touch with Him and become more like Him.

When times are difficult don’t be downcast. Lift your eyes to the Lord – seek, ask and knock – He will be faithful to let you feel the peace He has already poured out on you and yours – a peace that surpasses understanding.

From: “time with the Master…”


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