Working In Business


As a Christian, how do I relate to those who employ me, those whom I employ and those with whom I do business?

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Working In Business

Adam was given a free reign in the Garden of Eden, and was told by God, “…I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth…to you it shall be for meat”. Everything was placed at his disposal. At that time, there was certainly no need for him to toil for his food.

When Adam and Eve ate of the tree of ‘the knowledge of good and evil’, they in effect, turned away from God. Fallen man was then destined to work all his life long. Genesis shows us that this work (or job) would not be easy, because he had lost his ‘image’ of God and would now be burdened with a body which would be a disadvantage in his life and especially in the workplace. Genesis confirms this.

Psalms speak about creation, showing how God has laid the foundation for flora and fauna to co-exist. In verse 23 we see one of fallen man’s parts in the plan – to labor for the rest of his days on earth as part of the curse.

As believers going about our daily work in the world, it is important that we are are not seen as part of the world, but are seen as ‘different’ or ‘set apart’. We need to remember that whilst it is necessary for us to be working, we should not let the ‘busy-ness’ of business consume us so much that we lose sight of God and His true purpose for us. Our work places or businesses are our mission field .

Our behavior as Christians in the work place is always under the watchful eye of the world. (“…and he calls himself a Christian!!”). It is therefore imperative that our behavior is unto the Lord

Paul exhorts us to obey those in authority. Employees need to obey those in authority over them and to be sincere in their daily tasks as unto the Lord. That means all tasks. Work done on a daily basis should not be done Factory Pictures (5)‘halfheartedly’ just to make it appear as though a good job has been done, but should be done with total commitment as if the Lord Himself had requested the job to be done.

To the employer and those in management positions, Paul says that they should treat their staff and subordinates with fairness and justice. If employers or managers take advantage of their staff or subordinates, the scripture says – “…ye also have a Master in heaven“.

We will all stand before God one day, and if we have not obeyed His word, He will want to know why.

At times it may be very difficult to do what your superior has instructed, particularly if you do not agree, or worse still, if they are prejudiced towards you! The Lord said blessings will follow those who obey His word and He will deal with those in authority who have been acting outside of the His word ( or His government).

In the scriptures we see how God has proposed the roles of husbands and wives. There are many similarities between the husband and wife relationship and the employee and employer relationship. True to Gods heart, what would happen if:-

Factory Pictures (6).jpg

This word applies to everyone. From those who perceive themselves in lowly positions in organizations, to directors reporting to the company board. Know that the Lord rewards those willing to adhere to His word, but those who disobey will be dealt with – without partiality.

Employers and employees have responsibilities to God in terms of His word. Provided we stay in those boundaries, we will be blessed. If not we will be continually finding life difficult. This truth is testified to in the book of Psalms – Psa.1: 1-3.

Seek the Lord in prayer and ask him to reveal to you the areas in your life where you are not walking according to His word with reference to your work situation. As we adhere to His word, God is able to bless our lives and our businesses. If we are not walking according to His word, His hands are tied when it comes to blessing.


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