Heaven is For Real

Heaven is for Real

Authors: Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent.

A Book Review by sirpeterjamesdotcom.

Heaven is for Real, is the story of one four-year-old boy, Colton Burpo – who experiences a miracle and then, over the course of more than a year, is able to relate his miraculous experiences in a very vivid and challenging manner.

Heaven is for Real 4Such were the facts emerging from Colton’s occurrence that it warranted the production of a book that became a #1 New Your Times Bestseller and by 2010 the tally was more than three million copies in print!

The miracle in itself is remarkable, but more so is the fact that, in an almost casual and certainly, childlike, manner, Colton relates his experiences to his Father Todd and his Mother, Sonja. This all took place over a period of more than a year.

The Burpo’s are no out of the ordinary family and when Colton’s illness struck, they were probably like so many other American families in a small country town. Working hard to make ends meet and raise their children in a Godly environment.

Todd, a pastor in a local Wesleyan church, who was also a small business entrepreneur that ran his company to support a small stipend he received from the church.

Sonja was a part-time teacher and at the time of Colton’s trauma, there were two children in the family; Colton the youngest and his older sister, Cassie.

The story revolves around Colton’s mis-diagnosed burst appendix, which was allowed to suppurate poison into the four-year-olds body, for several weeks before a successful operation was performed. The surgeon who performed the operation, Dr. Timothy O’Holleran, was also the one who diagnosed Colton’s true condition.

Because of the development of more poisons in Colton’s body, one operation turned into two, before the condition showed signs of clearing.

The net result was that Colton faced a near-death experience and miraculously recovered.

The nightmare for Colton’s parents, Todd and Sonja was multiple. They feared for their child’s life; they watched their little boy suffer physical agony and face terrible fears of his own. This process was drawn out over more than a Heaven is for Real 3month and after true healing had set in, they faced massive medical bills, of which they had no visible means of paying.

The story portrays Colton’s miraculous survival and his out of body experience in heaven. But there is more…..We read of the great support that this little family receives from a relative and also their local community.

As we near the end of the story, Colton is completely healed, medical bills are fully paid and the biggest miracle is to slowly, over more than a year, relate to his parents, the experience that he went through in heaven.

After initially having doubts about their son’s narrations of his heavenly journey, both Todd and Sonja accept, principally because of their knowledge of the scriptures that what Colton relates is accurate.

This book is a down to earth true story of one little family’s journey through the trauma of their child’s near death occurrence and then the exciting experience of learning of his heavenly travels.

The story is well written and an easy read. It narrates with complete honesty and compassion.

Heaven is for Real will give you some new perspectives on the afterlife and the part that faith in God plays in our short lifetimes on this earth.

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