A Timeless Tale – Chapter Twenty Two

Living a Life in the Kingdom of God – Continued

We continue this week, discussing the third part of our three-part human make up – the spirit.

As we read through the Bible, we may not realize that references to ‘the spirit’ or just ‘spirit’ are different to references (particularly in the New Testament) of ‘The Spirit’. The ‘spirit’ is our human spirit and ‘The Spirit’ is the Holy Spirit.

Our human spirit is a channel or connection to the atmosphere world and could be easily be compared to a modem in our computer that connects us to the internet.

The Holy Spirit is the third part of God. He is the one who enlightens us about God the Father.

The Holy Spirit can only communicate through our human spirit, as there no other means by which He can communicate in and through us.

Our human spirit, which incidentally, is far more powerful that our wonderful internet system, has an ability to accommodate zillions of information bytes, that are communicated to and from our brain (I say brain, but in effect, it is our ‘spiritual heart’ that I am referring to – as discussed in the last chapter) into the atmosphere world. This atmosphere world extends from around our physical beings and into eternity.

In plain language, our human spirits are an intelligent communicator. Our spirits consist of three parts: conscience, fellowship and intuition.  So, let’s examine these components:

  1. Conscience.

Paul says that he passed judgement on a sinner through the means of his spirit. ‘Judgement’ means to condemn or justify and these qualities stem from the conscience.

  1. Fellowship (with God).

John tells us that communion with God is conducted via our spirits.

  1. Intuition.

Jesus perceived in His spirit….” The intuitiveness of Jesus told him what men were thinking.

Let’s take this a little further then.

Do we, from the cradle, carry conscience, fellowship and intuition with us in a complete form? No, certainly not.

What then do we carry from the cradle? We carry the capacity to cultivate and expand these three parts of the spirit.

Our parents, family members and teachers, will help us in the earlier stages of our lives; they will begin the process of building a conscience in us through teaching us moral standards. They will show us how to compare our moral standards with others and which standards would best benefit ourselves and those of our fellow humans in this life.

From here we will also receive teaching about God and how we are to relate to Him and as we grow older, we begin the process of fellowshipping with Him.

Finally, as we grow older still, the process of intuition begins to form in our hearts.

What then is the significance of our spirit to us today?

It is this: how you nurture your spirit as you go through life will have a direct result on how you will live and the success or failure you will experience in this life.

Just as you need to nurture your body; eating properly, exercising regularly, getting sufficient rest and relaxation. So it is with your spirit, without proper nurturing your conscience will fray and moral standards, that allowed you to make decisions benefitting your life, are now working to your loss.

Where you do not commune with God, as a way of life, you will lose the treasures that have been placed in your path

Along with these outcomes, you will find that your intuitiveness will weaken and even vanish as well.

Next chapter we will consider the benefit of strong healthy bodies, souls guided by Godly counsel and how, sprits that are well exercised, are effectively used to live in the Kingdom Of God.

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