Are We in the Business of Depression?

A depressed employee….a depressed business…..a depressed economy. Are these three connected in any way? They most definitely are!

Let’s look at a worldly definition of ‘Depression’ and some words which could be used in its place:

An act of depressing or a state of being depressed (being pressed down) – misery, sadness, unhappiness, sorrow, woe, gloom, dejection, despondency and feelings of HOPELESSNES.


As we look at the above definitions and synonyms it is quickly evident that God would not want us to be in this state of mind. Surely this is the very opposite of what God has intended for us.  These words describe someone who is totally bound and oppressed (as being in a prison) whereas Jesus died on the cross so that we might live a life of freedom, joy and peace.


Depression on a personal level has the ability of causing people to focus on themselves. As believers, it is very risky to start moving onto that path. One cannot experience any positive motivation from this situation and the end result is a slow downward spiral into deeper depression.  People in this trap truly feel hopeless and don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel in this state.


The scripture tells us that when our sins were nailed to the cross with Jesus, so too were our natures of sin (that nature that likes to sin). When Jesus rose in the newness of life, our new natures rose with Him. We need to ask the Lord to reveal the truth of this scripture deep into our hearts, so that we will understand thatCross of Jesus depression is part of the ‘old nature’ and has died with Jesus on the cross – never to return!

Don’t buy the lie of the evil one when he plants a negative thought in your mind telling you it’s impossible that your old sinful nature has gone. Reflect on the scripture, take hold of the truth and have peace and joy!

Feelings of depression can be caused through anxiety or stress over situations that we don’t want to confront. For example: over-indebtedness, a meeting with the boss, unforgiveness in relationships, or a forthcoming presentation meeting.  Let’s call these situations ‘sour balls’. If we don’t deal with them they will constantly be there tainting our Depression 2lives with sourness. As long as they are there, the evil one will always have a source from which to ply our minds with negative thoughts.How do we deal with ‘sour balls’:

  1. Face them head on (as David did with Goliath).
  2. Find a solution (there is always an answer – don’t stop until you find it)
  3. Prepare to put the solution into action.


As we deal with the ‘sour balls’ in our lives, we will find greater peace because the evil one no longer has opportunity to use them against us .


To answer our question of the depressed employee….the depressed business…..the depressed economy being connected – we can understand that if any employee is depressed, this would have a negative impact on their ability Depression 3to deliver against expectations. If this feeling of depression is duplicated a few times throughout the staff compliment it will have an effect on the company performance and its ability to deliver on time and in full to customers. In turn, if this company ethic is multiplied on a national scale – is it any wonder we witness a depressed economy?

Identify those who suffer from depression around you or in your business and pray for the Lord to open an opportunity for the above truths (particularly Romans 6:1-6) to be shared with them. As the truth becomes real in their lives, so the performance of the business will improve through their positive mind set, and in turn our economy will feel the benefits.

Let’s not be seen by the world as being in the business of depression, but rather as a people or a business that flourishes even in a depressed economy. God will prosper His people, not only financially, but in ALL things, as they seek to apply His principles in their personal lives and businesses.


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From: “time with the Master…”

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