I’ll encourage you…stay with Me


On the 22 April 2017 all South Africans were invited to meet on a farm near Bloemfontein in the Free State. The purpose of this meeting was to worship the Lord and pray for our country, South Africa.

It was amazing to be part of such a gathering. As far as our eyes could see there were people of all cultures assembled for one purpose…to petition the Lord our God and intercede for the country. Each one of the one million people that attended worshipped the Lord in the warm Free State sun. There was a call for repentance and many gave their lives to the LordPrayer Picture Group for the first time. It was important to ask for forgiveness before asking God to hear the prayers of His people.

The Lord encouraged His children to become ‘prayers’. Once leaving the gathering, we should all become intercessors for the areas in which we live. We left the meeting excited at the prospect of being used by the Lord in our area to intercede for our country.


Family members and I have enjoyed jogging around our neighborhood for many years now; so we decided to begin praying for  each homestead as we ran around the roads. Meeting people on the roadside, we asked them if they would pray with us for the country; most were very excited, others confused!

Praying with people you do not know can be very difficult but the Holy Spirit performs wonderful miracles  when we do. “If my people who are called by My name, will humble themselves…” says the Lord “…then I will heal their land…”. Praying with people of other cultures and asking God for forgiveness for past atrocities committed in this land is certainly a very humbling experience – one which really needs the power of the Holy Spiritwithin us. The result is always one of excitement and unbelief! Surely these people go away from that encounter having been touched by the Lord in some way? If forgiveness is sought from one another by all the cultures of this land, then the power of the Gospel will be able to move freely – salvation will come and the country will be set free – all cultures working together, respecting and loving each other and this begins with you and me.

Having completed a few weeks of the jogging process, I returned home one morning to find that one of our sheep had given birth to twins. The one lamb was pure black and the other pure white. The babies were flopping around as they gained life and strength. Each one stood up and they began suckling together, side by side – the journey of life had started for them. A life of togetherness.

As I stood watching them I sensed the Lord saying……” As you continue to pray for your land this is what I will do for you. Black and White will share and care, side by side. Both of these precious lambs are from one womb and drinking from the same mother. I have given birth to a new nation”. “Continue to seek Me, continue to pray for your area, continue to pray for your land and I will answer you. Be encouraged as you hear my voice”.

The next day we heard a prophesy spoken at a home gathering……” I hear your prayers” says the Lord “As I hear the prayers of my children, I dispatch battalions of My Angels to do battle against the forces of evil who have bound your land with strongholds. I dispatch the amount of battalions according to the prayers I hear – prayers from my righteous ones will cause many battalions to go out. Prayers of partly righteous ones will result in few battalions to be sent out. The more you walk in righteousness, the more powerful your prayers become and the more battalions I will send out” says the Lord.Prayer Group 3

God tells us that if we have iniquity in our hearts, He will not hear us.

We need to seek the Lord to ask Him to show us areas in our lives which do not please Him. He will be gracious to put us on a path of change. Then our prayers will not be hindered. Day by day we change, day by day we walk in Godly principles, day by day the power of our prayers grows stronger; day by day God dispatches more battalions to break down strongholds so that we may have opportunity to walk in the freedom of answered prayer here on earth.

From: “…time with the Master…

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