A Timeless Tale – Chapter Seventeen

Living a Life in the Kingdom of God – Continued

As an example of how one, who is living in the kingdom here on this earth, becomes visible – we turn to what Jesus reveals in the Sermon on the Mount.

 Before we continue I would like to raise a point here; you might find it a little confusing that Jesus uses expressions like: “The Kingdom of God” and “The Kingdom of Heaven”

Some say that the kingdom of God is the here and now and the Kingdom of Heaven in the eternal realm.

The expression ‘Kingdom of God” is used one way and another by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the Gospels.

The expression, “Kingdom of Heaven” is only ever used by Matthew.

My own opinion is that both expressions refer to the continued process from the time of Jesus’ ministry on earth until we dwell in the eternal realm and both expressions are applicable to: here on earth and in the eternal realm as well.

What is more important for you and I is how we go about living our lives here on this earth.

No amount of self-help can sustain a life in the Kingdom of God for anyone. We enter because God has allowed us entry and we live a life as Jesus has described in the Sermon on the Mount because God accomplishes that life within us as we relate to him in our day-to-day living.

The reason for this is very simple: It is not within our human reasoning or power to be able to live the kind of lifestyle that Jesus describes in the Sermon on the Mount, no matter how much we may desire and or try, to live that way.

Any attempt to do so would only have the end result of us becoming religious.

Let me explain:

The most beautiful news any human can come to understand is this: God chooses us to join Him living our lives on this earth and then moving on to join Him in eternity, after our body dies on this earth. This privileged life He gives to us without any cost or effort on our part – simply a gift from Him.

Let us then accept that the Sermon on the Mount tells of real life examples of those who live in the Kingdom of God here on earth. What we must understand though, is that they are not ‘rules or laws’ on how we ‘must’ behave in this life.

The moment we regard them in that way, we will fall into the trap of religiosity.

This means that our focus must be on God and our relationship with Him and then, as an automatic follow-on, we will commence living the examples found in the Sermon on the Mount.

In chapter fourteen I gave you a suggestion of how to go about the process of growing into a deeper relationship with God. Let me remind you however, that nothing will ever be of greater effect, in accomplishing this deeper relation, than the desire in your heart to attaining that very special place.

What then, are the blocks that prevent us from achieving this place in our hearts?

To begin with, the single most important issue – our DESIRE for this treasured state. Unless there is desire, there can be no accomplishment.

Simply put, God will only give us His blessings, when He knows that we really desire His blessings.

If the desire is there, the blessings will follow. If we do not have the desire – we can ask and He will readily give it to us.

But, there is more….Once we have desire in place, other blocks will enter the space of our mind.

Our mind is part of that most, out of this world, of all organs in our body – our brain. Many suggest that blocks are placed in our minds by Satan. But I disagree with this line of thinking.

In an upcoming chapter on spiritual warfare I will discuss this all important point more fully.

All you need to know for now is: Once Jesus was resurrected from the dead; Satan was totally defeated and rendered powerless.

All that became necessary from that point, was that our minds needed to be educated to the fact that NOW WE HAVE THE POWER!

This means that any thoughts that enter our minds whatsoever, must fall under the control of our DESIRE to love God. Our love of God must become the primary goal of our lives. This will enable us to take control of any negative thoughts that enter our minds in an effort to discourage us.

Next chapter we will discuss the role of our mind in kingdom living.


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