A Timeless Tale – Chapter Sixteen

The Holy Spirit and Gifts of the Spirit

With your permission, I want to change course for today.

I feel it important at this point, to make mention of The Holy Spirit and gifts of The Holy Spirit.

As I mentioned to you in a previous chapter, with the advent of the revival experienced at Azusa Street in the early nineteen hundreds, there was a powerful wave of activity, centered on The Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit.

People were speaking in tongues, prophesying, healing and many other exciting activities. This revival gave birth to the Pentecostal movement and subsequently the Charismatic movement.

The scriptural basis for the activities in this revival was found in chapter two of the book of Acts.

More established denominations, for instance, like the Baptist movement and many others, felt that the receiving of The Holy Spirit was an event that took place at the point where one became ‘born again’.

The Pentecostals were more in favour of the idea that the receiving of the Holy Spirit was a ‘second experience’ after being ‘born again’ and for the most part, once a person was ‘baptized’ by being fully submersed in water.

The way I see it, both positions are true, dependant on the person involved. If a person, on hearing the Gospel message, decides, by faith, that they believe – then they receive the Spirit at the time of belief. Later, as they come to understand about the Spirit, they will take hold of and apply the gifts of the Spirit accordingly (This is how it happened to me).

I accept and in fact have witnessed, many souls at the point of believing the Gospel, openly expressing the gifts, particularly the gift of tongues.

What is important, is that we all understand that God created us to be different from one another and for that reason we won’t all experience the receiving of the Holy Spirit (according to our reasoning) as others would.

For a more in depth understanding of the holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit, I would refer you to the Home fellowship Manual, “Prayer and The Holy spirit” available, free of cost on the menu: “Free e-Book”.

The Home fellowship manual explains in detail how the nine gifts of the Spirit and the five gifts of church service function.

Please accept that if you never use any of the Spirit’s gifts or fall under any of the five church service gifts it is of no consequence in terms of your relationship with God and subsequent relationship with your fellow humans.

Understanding the effects of the Holy Spirit entering your life, firstly in terms of His fruit, nine different gifts church service appointments are all miraculous and very exciting; however, this experience must never become our focus.

Another important point is that although there are the five church service gifts, these are only GIFTS and not a management hierarchy or structure.

Never forget that religion will always insist that we abide by the (particular) religion’s rules and regulations. In addition, never forget that religion is a human product and whilst it might show itself as being ABOUT God, it is NOT FROM God.

There is only one thing that God insists on: ‘Love the Lord your God with your WHOLE heart, your WHOLE soul and ALL your strength and out of this position, Love you neighbor’. Duet. 6:5

Humans are very drawn to religion, simply because it is institutional and socially acceptable, but loving God is none of those! In a natural sense loving God is a lonely place but in a spiritual sense, it is the most fulfilling experience I have ever had in my life and I will happily be put to death in exchange for giving up on that experience.

If God wants me to speak in tongues, I will. If He wants me to prophesy, I will, if He wants me to heal another, I will; but those things will NEVER be my focus – that position in my life is solely HIS.

The Apostle Paul warned that if we have and practise all the gifts of The Holy Spirit, but do not focus on loving God, we are nothing.  1 Cor. 13:1-3.

The fruit of focusing on God is loving our fellow humans.

Next week we shall continue with living in the Kingdom on this earth.

Please share this with your friends – you can never tell whose life might change, eternally, by your obedience to this request.

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