My Destiny Journey

Do I believe in ‘Destiny”?

Yes, I do believe in destiny. But probably not in the way that you imagine I do.

Bear with me whilst I choose a little spiritual reference at this point:

Appreciating, as I do, that all of us have differing spiritual viewpoints, my opinion is that; I have my understanding of God, but I respect all other people’s point of view on who they understand their God to be.

The Person of God

My perception of destiny is simply this: My God, whom I see as all knowing, present everywhere at the same time and all powerful; is without any form of boundary. In other words, He is without any form of limitation; whereas you and I have a life that is full of limitation.

Let me explain. For you and I the sun will rise tomorrow morning and will set in the evening – we will classify this as one day. After seven of these days we will say that was a week. Fifty two weeks later, we will say, ‘A year has passed’. For God one day is like a year and a year like one day.

In other words, God is not limited by time.

Using this statement as a foundation for our discussion let me take the matter of destiny a little further.

How my Destiny Begun

baby-in-the-wombWhen I, as a little spirit, I entered my mother’s womb and was linked to a body and soul produced by my Father’s sperm and my mother’s egg, God could see way ahead to my life on this earth. He could see my journey forward from my birth to my coming entry into eternity.

Now, this is the important point, so read very carefully.

How God Sees my Journey

God could see all along the journey of my life, as if it was in one picture frame, birth to death and onwards to eternity.

He could see the choices I would make along the way, some for my benefit and some that would be to my disadvantage.

Based on the outcome of the journey ahead, which only He could see, He would determine my destiny.

He would do this by placing in my path, people and circumstances, whom and which would couple with His best advantage for my life. Even when He could see that I would not accept the best people and circumstances in my life, He would continue to give me beneficial opportunities, even though He knew all along, I would reject those. The reverse is also true. As I accepted all His beneficial opportunities I would then benefit from the people and circumstances He sent my way.

This then is destiny. God affords us beneficial opportunities, whether we accept them or reject them and all this He knows ahead of time.

Even if He saw that I would never accept His offers, He would still place beneficial opportunities in my path. This situation would continue right up to the point of my death.

How I learned to Choose Which Way to Go

 Whilst listening to a webinar given by Harv Ecker, I heard him say something that significantly brought about change in the direction my life.

fork-in-the-roadHarv said that there comes a time when we reach a fork in the road ahead and have to decide which way to go. I can no longer recall what was ahead on each of the roads he had up on his whiteboard, but we had to choose; we chose to take the left fork as that was the road that had the best opportunities for my partner and me.

Now that I think of it, in my life, the road ahead has been filled with forks and I used to randomly choose without giving too much thought of what the cost, in terms of loss or gain, would result for me.

How I Choose Today

Today it is different for at least two reasons:

Firstly when I arrive at a fork, I ask God, “Which way”? His voice within my heart says, “Left fork, or right fork”, then I move accordingly.

Secondly, I openly thank God and express my gratitude to Him each day, for coaching me in how to communicate with Him. To look out for the signs He shows me along the road of His destiny for my life and His wisdom to interpret them. Then, how to hear the words He speaks to me and understand those as well.

Confident that I understand the signs and his words to me, I take action. When I reach the many forks I encounter along the journey of my life, it generally takes me split seconds to know which way to go.

What about my Past Choices?

You may ask, “What about the forks you took before you heard from God; those that might have been wrong turns”?

Let me reassure you, there were never any ‘wrong’ turns, just many, many turns that lead down a road that resulted in great hardship for me. But although these turns did not appear to be beneficial opportunities, God turned them into opportunities that would ultimately lead me to take the correct forks ahead and thereby keep me in the place of His destiny for me.


All the while He had the advantage of seeing ahead of me and knowing that one day, I would start taking the correct fork, because I would see His directional signs and hear His guiding words.

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