A Timeless Tale – Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen: Living a Life in the Kingdom of God – Continued

“Out of the Fountain of Life flow all knowledge, wisdom and all the bearing of divine fruit”. sirpeterjamesdotcom.

In the previous chapter, we discussed the fact that, the walk with Our Father in Heaven is a matter of taking instruction from Father, observing how He does things and THEN, the most important part – applying what we have heard and seen.

Before we discuss this most important issue, there is something I have to mention to you.

If you have never been involved with any form of religion up to this point you can follow the notes from here on with complete freedom.

If on the other hand you are part of the greater percentage of humanity that have been following religion/s, then I ask you to please SET ASIDE every doctrine you have been taught, open your minds and follow the upcoming words.

“Out of the Fountain of Life flow all knowledge, wisdom and all the bearing of divine fruit”.

The training center for life in the Kingdom of God on this earth is only found in The Fountain of Life. What (or more accurately, who) is The Fountain of Life?

The Fountain of Life is God.

I raised this question in the previous chapter:

‘HOW do we take instruction from Him and HOW do we observe what He says and does’?

The answer to this question is simple. However, its application in our lives takes hope, faith, discipline and patience.

The answer to the question is:

  1. Ask Him to teach us how to love Him. (Duet 6:5)
  2. Ask Him to teach us how to communicate with Him on a TWO way basis.
  3. Believe that He has heard our prayer.
  4. Trust that he has (past tense) answered our prayer.
  5. Meditate on the scripture of Duet 6:5 first thing in the morning, last thing at night.
  6. Act on the above.

6.1.          In other words first thing in the morning and last thing at night, talk to Father, thanking Him for hearing and answering your request.

6.2.         Then be still and listen for His voice. Always remember a very important fact: In His communication with us He will only use our physical and mental faculties. FOCUS on hearing Him however this may come about. Do NOT try to block out your thoughts (often His voice is heard in your thoughts – Isaiah 30:21)

  1. The most powerful forms of communications to God are: Words of worship; Words of thanksgiving and lastly, words of praise.

(I discuss these aspects in more detail through my teachings on Prayer).

It is through the above medium that we begin to apply the necessary principles of The Kingdom of God on this earth into our lives.

 Just as a young child listens and observes the words and actions of its parents and others, then applies these to its own life, so it must be with us.

Never lose sight, however, that this process is a time consuming one and most certainly not accomplished in a short period. If you set about the above and apply it into your daily life, the habit should take root within a month or so. This is the seed planting stage, but it takes a goodly time to get to the fruit bearing stage.

The effective result of being able to relate God, seeing how He does things and hearing His voice is not applied into our lives at the so called, ‘flick of a switch’, but rather, slowly does it progress and slowly you become aware of its fruit in your life.

Be encouraged, that as you maintain the discipline, you WILL become aware of change in your life.

I have now given you plenty to think about and to put into practice, so let’s take a break here and continue in the next chapter.


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