A Timeless Tale – Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven: Living a Life in the Kingdom of God

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts will take you”.

James Allen –  1864-1912

It is a scientific fact that the management of your thoughts will result in the state of your being and this will be the biggest influencing factor in the direction and outcome of your life, both here on this earth and in eternal living.

Just by way of a refresher, I want to take you back a couple of chapters to where I explained the wonderful situation that, upon the ascension of Jesus into the eternal realm, He was seated at the right side of the Father in heavenly places. Likewise so were those of us who accepted our death on the cross with Him (a process which took place when He was crucified, even though we who accept, by faith, that we joined Him in that process, did so more than two thousand years later), ascended along with Him, to be seated in Him also are are at the right hand side of the Father in heavenly places. I pointed out here that we were seated, past tense, in Him. (Remember too, I said to you that, outside of His law, God has no boundaries and this includes time).

Even though our physical bodies here on this earth are attached to our lives here, our spiritual bodies are seated in Jesus in heavenly places. The outcome of which is the fact that, in reality, we live in two bodies.

Right, that settled; let’s get back to the place of the mind.

From a scriptural perspective, there are many important features we need to consider in terms of our thoughts.

Let us take a journey through some of these important facts.

I will begin with the words of Jesus, in the Gospels.

From here on in, I will use my own translation, but will refer you to the relevant scripture, so you can check for yourselves.

Jesus said, “Men, if you look at another man’s wife and fantasize having sex with her, as if she was your wife, then your thoughts have compromised you into a place of having sex with her, even if you haven’t performed the physical act and you must be aware that this state will lead to confusion in your (human) spirit”.

Our minds are now opening to the fact that thoughts are far more powerful than we ever believed them to be. The fact that, as you think, so that thought has the power to confuse your human spirit. (I will spend a little more time discussing this phenomenon in a later chapter).

Paul says that as a means of filtering the thoughts that enter our minds, we are well advised to:

“Take every thought that enters your mind and weigh it up on a scale of comparison to the example of the life that Jesus lived on this earth”.

Probably, the larger amounts of thoughts that enter our minds are habitual thoughts. In other words thoughts have been passing through our minds for many, many years; maybe even dating back to our conception in the womb of our mothers. Each thought induces a reaction in our minds. Most of them will emanate from the ‘fear’ family. Fear of rejection, failure, abandonment, lack and so on, but they are many and not only of fear origin. Only the individual person knows about their thoughts, most of which always remain a secret.

The good news is that thoughts (which were trained into our minds), can be untrained out of our minds. Dr. Caroline Leaf wrote an excellent book called,  “Switch on your Brain” and this deals with among other matters, the origin of thoughts and how, through her 21-Day Detox Process, habitual thoughts can be untrained out of our minds.

Paul said in several scriptures that we have need to renew (change our thinking) our minds, in order to know how to live in the Kingdom of God.

“Do not think habitual thoughts that will lead you to a life that is contrary to the Kingdom of God, but rather untrain these thoughts into those that will help you to live effectively in the Kingdom of God”. 

Remember that the Kingdom of God on this earth is the place where you live a life of health, wealth, peace and power, under the direction of God’s guidance.

The starting point to living this life is allowing your thoughts to be trained into those that will lead you to this way of thinking and subsequent living.

In simplest of terms if you entertain thoughts that are not contributing to the accomplishment of the place of health, wealth, peace and power, then you must set about specifically untraining those thoughts from your mind and encourage thoughts that will accomplish this state.

Next session, we will look at ways in which we can accomplish this sought after goal.

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