A Timeless Tale – Chapter Six

Adam & Eve

Chapter Six – Living in a State of Health, Wealth and Power on this earth.

Remember always, that what God accomplished in the life and death of Jesus on the cross, is complete and there is nothing ahead that can improve on this perfect work of God, no matter how long we live.

All religions, in one form or another, suggest that life consists of progressive states of improvement for us humans in this life. I fully agree that the world is in a constant state of progressive change, according to God’s long term plan, but as far as God’s plan is concerned, no more can be done in terms of His spiritual benefits for humankind.

Anything over and above what God has already accomplished is superfluous and is therefore totally unnecessary.

All we humans have to do is to believe what God has accomplished and then apply it to our lives. The result of believing and applying it to our lives is that we will have a lifetime of health, wealth and power on this earth and then meet the immigration requirements for life in the next state, once our bodies die.

Is this an easy thing to accomplish? The answer is that whilst understanding the principle is simple, application is quite another discipline.

First and foremost is to accept that accomplishment cannot be done by us all on our own. We need the help of God’s Spirit to do this.

As explained in the previous chapters, once you believed in what God accomplished through Jesus, His Spirit entered and co-joined with your spirit and the three-way wiring we spoke about, in the previous chapter, was established.

Now you are fully equipped to live a life of health, wealth and power. All you have to do is switch on your equipment and your new life begins. It’s as if you went down to the shopping mall and bought yourself a complete home office desktop computer.

You bring all the boxes home and after opening the manual you begin setting up the computer. You begin hooking up the screen, tower, keyboard and printer.  However, nothing will happen until you apply the power switch and the computer begins to boot up.

So it is with us, we need to look through the manual and start getting ready to use our new equipment.

In terms of a manual, you will never beat the power of directly speaking to God. In addition to this, we can use the bible, which is a very useful tool for this purpose. On my website www.crucemchristi.com, you will find a pretty good little manual called, “The Gospel Explained”, which you can download free of charge. This will give you a very effective tour of the Bible and show you what scriptures to look for in terms of your new equipment.

I have witnessed firsthand and also read stories of those who have simply spoken to God and asked Him for guidance and they got more than they ever dreamed. Follow this link for a beautiful story that proves what I have just stated:  https://adcrucemchristi.wordpress.com/2017/06/03/gods-love-for-his-child/.

I must remind you of what I have told you before. You don’t need to join any church or denominational group in order to develop a relationship with God. However, if you do decide to do so, that’s fine, as long as the duties and doctrines of such membership do not overshadow this all important relationship with God.

The formula goes like this: Believe what you have read in the preceding chapters=getting to understand God’s plan for your life=trusting God to guide you in learning to know how to apply His plan to your life=growing in your relationship with Him=a life of health, wealth and power on this earth=Immigration qualifications in the life after your body dies.

The process of developing a relationship with God, believing and trusting in Him, will lead you to a place where you will develop a longing to live a higher life here on earth.

A cautious reminder here. You are not on a road to self improvement, as I said before, the Spirit of God, now in you, will take care of teaching you how to make effective use of equipment He has placed in you. Your only ‘task’ is to believe it’s happening and allow it to happen.

In an earlier chapter I explained that the nature you inherited from Adam and Eve was destroyed along with the death of Jesus on the cross, it was buried with him (NEVER to resurrect again) and then your new body arose and ascended to the heavenlies with Jesus, and will ever remain with Him until your present mortal body dies. Remember too, you are wired up to that body. That body is perfectly Godly and needs no improvement.

This is where the simplicity of what God accomplished through Jesus comes in; now all you have to do is, believe and trust God so you can apply the equipment you already have at your disposal.

Let me leave you with this thought:

Did Jesus walk on water because He asked God for the power to do so, or because the power was already within in Him and all he had to do was apply it?

Did Jesus calm the storm because He asked God for the power to do so, or because the power was already within in Him and all he had to do was apply it?

In chapter seven we will look at the issue of self improvement and our own efforts to live a ‘better’ life on earth versus taking the power that God has equipped us with and applying it to our everyday life on this earth.

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