A Timeless Tale – Chapter Five

Adam & Eve

Chapter Five – Living in Two Bodies

Like so many things in life, a relationship with God is a very simple and uncomplicated thing. Yet in our efforts to understand how the inner workings of this relationship function, we discover that it is not that simple, but rather complex in fact.

The encouraging news is that like most things in life, we need to accept the simplicity of this relationship and the aspects of the relationship that are not easy to grasp, should just be put to one side.

Let me give a clear example of what I mean:

I awake each morning, roll my legs out of bed, stand up and in something that resembles sleep walking, I make my way to the bathroom and complete some necessary toiletries.

I did not give a second thought as how that most wonderful organ, my brain, managed to accomplish taking me from deep sleep to wakefulness, then enabled me to stand up and walk to the bathroom, to say nothing of what took place from that point.

It was dark when I woke up and I had to switch my bedside lamp on, in order to see where I was walking. I never gave a thought to the intricate processes of electricity moving along a wire, from plug to switch, from switch to lamp.

Like my body function, I just accepted everything and it happened without me understanding how it came about. To put it another way, I believed that it would happen and it did.

So it is when we are in relationship with God. God is a spirit. He is the source of all power, knowledge and is not limited by time or space; in fact God is limited by nothing, except what He says.

If you and I believe that God created the universe and then populated it with all manner of flora, animal, fowl and insect life; that he finally created, as His masterpiece, humankind; if you believe that His masterpiece did not heed the warning he gave them and fell victim to the loss of their privileged state in the Garden of Paradise; if you accept that the vital purpose of the coming of Jesus was to restore humankind to a state better than that in the Garden of Paradise, then you are properly prepared to agree to your new life on this earth and in eternity.

You are ready to acknowledge your new relationship with God and equipped to live a healthy, peaceful, powerful and wealthy life on this earth and onwards, your immigration requirements in the next life.

Now the most wonderful news is this: You don’t have to understand anything of how all the above actually works; you can’t and don’t have to reason it all out. Just like waking up in the morning, like switching the light on, you just accept it!

Isn’t that just too marvellous for words?

The ability to accept all of what we have discussed in the preceding chapters has another name – it is called faith.

My definition of faith is; ‘Believing that something is true, when all your senses tell you it isn’t’.

Okay, you ready to move on?

To recap: We have accepted that Jesus came to this earth to bring about the return of Humanity’s Garden of Paradise; to be more precise, an even greater garden than existed before.

In a nutshell this new state enables us to live on this earth in our human form, with the support of greater spiritual powers, than we had before. The spiritual powers you now have were given to you, the moment you believed what has been shared with you so far. Once you believed, your relationship with God began. You are also enabled to live in a spiritual body, located in the heavenly realm with Jesus, at the same time.

Just like waking up and switching on the lamp, you accepted what God had done so far. In that moment, you felt different and the reason for this was that you became spiritually wired up in a three way connection. Wire one is the Spirit of God inside you, wire two is your spiritual body in the heavens with Jesus and wire three, your mind and body here in this world.

For those who are IT minded and who know about ‘cloud based software’, you understand that what you save on your PC, laptop or mobile is automatically saved in the atmosphere of the internet and cannot ever be lost.

So it is with us, whatever we do in our human bodies here on this earth, is influenced by our wiring to Gods Spirit and our heavenly body and no thought or action we perform in our minds or bodies on this earth is ever lost.

The three-way link works like this: God communicates with us via our spirit which communicates with our minds then our minds and bodies respond to His communication. The result of the mind and body’s response is then relayed via our spirit back to the Spirit of God and to our heavenly body. This three-way wiring cycle is continuous every day and night, even in our sleep.

It is this three-way wiring that enables us to ‘live’ in two different bodies at the same time.

I’m sure you will agree then, that in order for us to experience the benefits of our state in the greater garden (a healthy, peaceful, powerful and wealthy life on this earth and onwards your immigration requirements in the next life) we need to make sure that the three-way wiring system is working well in us.

That’s it for now, in chapter six we will learn how to work well with the wiring system in our lives on this earth.

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