A Timeless Tale – Chapter Four

Adam & Eve
Chapter Four – Your Future Body
Our acceptance to a new and better existence after our body on this earth dies, will automatically present us with a new body.
By way of explanation, let us go back to the Garden of Eden:

In chapter one, I mentioned that God created humankind in His image (His lookalike) and his likeness (His character)
In chapter three I mentioned that, through the crucifixion of Jesus, those of us who believed and accepted what He accomplished, would benefit from a rebirth process.
These benefits would be:
• You begin to see God in a new light. You understand something about his character and the Kingdom that He established here on this earth.
• You begin to actually live; the way God wants you to live on this earth, adopting his Kingdom Principles .
• You make immigration approval to a new and better existence.
The above is no more than God giving us back His character which was lost by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
However there is more……
God also gives back to us His lookalike body, which Adam and Eve lost in the Garden of Eden.
Two situations now reveal themselves at this point:
• When God designs a plan, that plan is ALWAYS seen through to completion. The tragedy in the Garden of Eden was not a failure of God’s plan, but rather an evolving of His plan.
• We have said that God is not bound by time and space; so what took place many millennia ago, is but a few ‘days’ to God and what may seem to be an eternity of time to you and I, was a few day’s space for God’s plan to evolve.
• Finally God never performs actions with single effects, but rather, anything that God performs, has numerous effects. This could be likened to throwing a stone into a pond – one action, many ripples. Through the event in the Garden of Eden, over the ages, billions of effects came about. In human terms this took a long time to accomplish these things in the lives of billions of people; to God, the process was a mere handful of days.
What this amounts to is: God’s plan continues to evolve; it is perfect and exactly on time.

For those in the generations following the crucifixion of Jesus, the plan has evolved to the place of giving every individual who believed in and accepted to participate in the offer of Jesus, namely: “Come up here and die with me. If you are willing to die to your disobedient life, I will give you a new life here on this earth and a paradise for your soul and spirit when your body dies”, these are the benefits I listed at the opening of this chapter.
Let me explain the process of restoring the lookalike body that Adam and Eve lost:
Let’s start with the example of Jesus appearing to his friends after His resurrection:
Whilst His disciples are behind locked doors, as they were afraid of being taken by the Roman soldiers, suddenly Jesus appears in their midst. He was not let in through the door, but simply ‘appeared’ miraculously before them. This indicates that He now had a spirit body.

This body had no need of doors; it simply passed through the wall!
We all know today, though scientific discovery, that there is no such a thing as ‘solid’ matter on this earth, but rather everything, including our human bodies, is simply a mass of molecular composition, some more dense than other. It follows therefore that certain structures can pass through others, because of their differing molecular compositions. For example, water will seep through mortar over time, leading to a situation called ‘damp’.
It is no great mystery therefore, that Jesus with his ‘spirit’ body could pass through a wall or door.
But there’s more; His disciples initially thought His appearance to be that of a ghost;  He then calms them by identifying Himself with the marks of His crucifixion and the fact that He was visible to them all. Then putting the cherry on the top, He asked for something to eat….
Excuse the pun – quite unintended and for the record they gave Him a piece of fish, not a cherry!
I think you have the idea. So, let’s recap:
As I mentioned, after the resurrection of Jesus and a couple of visits to his friends, here on earth, he ascended into heaven.
However, he did not go alone, but rather, he took every soul, who believed in Him and whose bodies had died (up to the time I am writing this) along with Him. He was able to do this because all those who believed in Jesus have been and will be, given spirit bodies that will live with Him in heavenly places, even whilst they are alive on this earth. That is to say, those that are still living in their earthly bodies will have a coexisting spirit body with Jesus, as well!
Isn’t this news just too marvelous for words?
But there is more…..
If I am resident in the city of Cape Town and fly up on a two week visit to the City of Johannesburg, do I on arrival at my destination, start looking to find employment and buy a home for my two week stay? Of course not! That would be quite ridiculous. I am a resident of Cape Town, where I already have a home and employment.
I rather look for temporary accommodation for my short stay and as I have made suitable financial arrangements for my stay, I simply take time out to enjoy myself.
Following my two week stay, I return home to Cape Town.
It is the same with you and me upon this earth; once we are finished with our short stay here, we shall return to our home in heavenly places.
Whilst living out our short stay here on this earth, we will live in a way that our spirit bodies, which are with Jesus, will influence us to live.
In Chapter Five, I will talk in detail about the kind of life we should be living in our temporary home upon this earth.

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2 thoughts on “A Timeless Tale – Chapter Four

  1. Hi Peter
    Really enjoying ‘A Timeless Tale’. It simplifies the Gospel message into something practical and useful for today’s pressures.
    I’ll be sending others to this link for sure!
    Can we expect a small hard copy version in the future for physical distribution?
    Be blessed as the Lord continues to expand this work through you.


    1. Thank you for your very encouraging words Bro. Keep praying as I have prayed that this series will indeed be my very first published e-book. I will ask for a hard copy version, of which you will be the first to receive.


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