Jesus, The Man and His Works

Wallace Wattles 1860-1911

Jesus was Not Humble – Continuation of Part One

Fourth, Jesus was not humble, in the commonly accepted meaning of the word. He was a man of the most impressive, commanding and powerful personal appearance. He “spoke as one having authority” and “His word was with power”.

Frequently, we are told, real fear and awe fell upon the people at His mighty words and works. In one place they were so frightened that they sought him to leave and John tells how certain officers, sent to arrest Him in the market place lost their nerve in His commanding presence and went back, saying, “never a man spake like this man”.

On the night of His arrest a band of soldiers approached Him in the grove and asked for Jesus of Nazareth and when He answered, “I am HE”, such was his majesty and psychic power, that they prostrated themselves; “they went backward”, the account says, “and fell on the ground. (John 18:6)

To be like the Christ of the four gospels, one has to be learned, well dressed, well supplied with money, and of noble and commanding appearance, speaking with authority and having tremendous magnetic power. And now, what was his attitude toward His fellow men?


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