The Jesus Tree

Someone sent me a picture of “The Jesus Tree” on What’s Apps the other day and this is what it looks like:

Jesus-Tree 2

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The picture on the left is a zoom in from the one of the right.

The tree is a dead ‘Cedar of Lebanon’, which as you know has biblical origins.

An artist took five years to carve the figurine of Jesus on this dead Cedar tree.

I think it is an absolutely amazing accomplishment, but it put me in mind of a thought that I have had for many, many years.

With no reference to these pictures or the accomplishment of the artist, the thought in my mind dates back to the years, as a young man, that I used to wear a crucifix on a chain around my neck. It displayed a crucifix with a figurine of Jesus on a cross. In those days I was an ardent follower of the Catholic religion and all the crucifixes we had displayed this figurine.

One day a young lady I was talking to asked me, “Why do you wear that cross around your neck”? I readily explained that it reminded me of Jesus and it was also a symbol of my faith. But she continued,” How do you have a symbol of Jesus on the cross, when he is no longer on the cross, He was taken down from the cross and then rose from the dead”? I responded that it brought me to mind that he had suffered in order for my sins to be forgiven. She continued determinedly, “It’s not His suffering that we must recall, but the fact that he rose from the dead. If He had not have risen, then we would not have been delivered from our sinful natures and had our past, present and future sins forgiven”.

I was without words, as this point had never been explained to me before.

From that day to the point, many years later, where the true work of the cross was explained fully to me, I had pondered in my mind, the words of that young lady.

Interesting, isn’t it? Why not comment on your views about her statement? I would really like to hear from you.




2 thoughts on “The Jesus Tree

  1. She’s absolutely right. Jesus is risen, he’s no more on the cross. We don’t need the cross to show our faith, it’s not in the bible. The disciples were first called Christians based on their conduct in Antioch. Jesus said, “if you continue in my word you shall be my disciples indeed”. To show our faith in God, we must conduct ourselves as Christians, and walk in the footsteps of Christ. Beautiful post, and you’ve given me an idea. God bless you.🌺🌺


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