The Blood of Christ

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose – See the tiny veins representing the Blood of Christ, the tiny stamens representing His Cross.



The Blood of Christ

I would like to tell you of two stories that I have been told by others.

They are folklore and as such, will require your faith to accept whether they are real or not. Typical of anything that requires faith, they are not able to be proved.

If you believe them, the completeness and lasting character of God will be become a little more evident in your understanding.

The first story concerns a little weed plant, variously named, ‘Evening Primrose’.

Folklore has it that there were some of these frail but hardy plants at the foot of the cross of Jesus.

When His side was pierced by the Roman Centurion, blood trickled down onto the little plants below. His blood ran down firstly on the leaves and later on the petals making feint lines upon their soft silky surface.

Little stamens in the form of a cross popped their heads up, as a symbol of the greatest accomplishment of a Godly Man for his fellow humans; setting them forever free from the power and slavery of sin.

Ark of the Covenant
The Ark of the Covenant ( Images)

The second story concerns the Ark of the Covenant.

It is said that the Ark was hidden in a cave, to preserve its future and protect it from the hands of those that would seek to destroy it.

It was discovered many years ago, that the cave was in fact located in the mount of Calvary and its position was under the place where the cross of Jesus was located.

The socket that held the cross, had over time, worked its way through into the cave below and as the blood of Jesus trickled down the cross and through the socket, it dripped onto the Mercy Seat, located on the top of the Ark.

This process thereby fulfilled the completion of God’s requirement, where the priests of old sprinkled the blood of the sacrifice over the Mercy Seat, on the altar of sacrifice, with a hyssop reed.

The blood of the final sacrifice for the sins of humanity was sprinkled onto the Mercy Seat, as the law of God required it to be.

God is the fountain of fullness and completeness. His word is inviolate and what He says will come to pass, with or without our best intentions.

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