The importance of Forgiveness

The Importance of Forgiveness

I had never understood the significance of forgiveness in my life until I underwent a very deep personal spiritual experience.

Both my mother and grandmother were absolutely insistent that I should, ‘Go right now and say you are sorry to…..’(to the person that I had offended). I suppose this process was the closest I ever got to asking for, or offering to, forgive another person and this was the case until I had reached my fortieth year.

My spiritual experience enabled me to see forgiveness in a brand new light.

In order to make this statement a little more clear, let me say the following:

Whatever your religious persuasion, there is a basic fact that you will have to accept and a question to which you will have to get an answer.

The basic fact is that all we humans will die at some point. Our bodies will be either cremated or they will be buried in the ground in order to decompose.

The question arises, do our souls and spirits also die at the same time as our bodies, or do they move on to a new existence?

So that we are all on the same page here; my definition of soul is the unity of the human will, intellect and emotion. The human spirit is the channel of communication with the ethereal world. (Not unalike my ISP and the internet).

Resulting from my spiritual experience, I came to understand that only my body would die and my soul and spirit would move on to a new existence. In addition to this and many other interesting discoveries, I realised that there had to be a supreme power, by whatever name, that would be in the new existence after the death of my body.

From the scrolls of ancient writings many millennia back it becomes apparent that with this Supreme Being, forgiveness is an issue here in this world in which we are living.

When I say an issue, I don’t mean it in a sense of, ‘you had better forgive or else…’ But rather, ‘If you don’t forgive, then you are going to create a terrible situation for yourself’.

Just as you might throw a stone into the air and it will fall straight back to earth, that’s because this process is called the law of relativity….’what goes up, must come down…’

So it is with forgiveness. If you don’t forgive, it all comes back to you and you are the one that suffers. Similarly, if you ask for forgiveness of someone and they refuse, they will be the ones that pay the price. This is because, like relativity, forgiveness is an unbreakable law of the universe. What is important to grasp here, is the fact whatever your religious or non religious persuasion, it will have no bearing on the result of your forgiveness or unforgiveness.

Whether you ask someone to forgive you or you offer to forgive another, is a choice, on your part. But the effects of whatever choice you make will have consequences.

There is much written on the effects of unforgiveness and a short ‘Google’ will produce surprising results. I choose not to voice my opinions on the disastrous effects of unforgiveness or miraculous effects of forgiving; you must discover that for yourselves.

However, I will encourage you with an example of the miraculous effect of forgiving.

On Monday 27th February 2017, I will post a link of a truly encouraging movie on the issue of forgiveness – please watch it, because I can guarantee, you will never forget what you see. copyright 2017






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